Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday: a family favorite

Normally, I plan a vegetarian dish for Thursdays for health as well as family finances. Another aspect of watching my pennies, however, is avoiding food waste, which is why tonight's dinner menu is being tweaked a bit.

I tossed in some extra ham slices from the other morning (originally Christmas ham that I sliced and froze)that I cubed up.

 Side is a nice big tossed salad of organic Romaine, the rest of the organic CSA dilly beans, 1/2 of a cucumber, some grape tomatoes, some sliced purple onion, some sliced CA black olives. There will be a choice of dressings to serve on top.


Catherine said...

Looks great!

CT Bargain Mom said...

Oh my goodness - that looks yummy! We love homemade Mac-n-cheese. My kiddos don't like it with ham though. I make mine with yellow squash purée in the cheese sauce.