Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This week's Sunday supper, and what's been cooking otherwise

Looks like  I forgot to share this past Sunday's supper menu: a Crock Pot pork stew with my last 2 stalks of celery, potatoes, my last baby Bella mushrooms, the rest of the recently cobbled together gravy (mix of pork, chicken, turkey that I used over a vegetarian, Shepardess pie), a pkg of fzn pearl onions in cream sauce, Penzey's Bavarian spice, black pepper, a Bay leaf, and the last 30 minutes of cooking: 1/2  a bag of fzn organic peas. Came out sooo good!

 Since supper was all set, I started to bake in anticipation of the upcoming (current) work week. I am using what is on hand, so this guides my choices. First up: a mixed berry crisp (fzn blackberries/blueberries/raspberries, additional fzn organic blueberries, the rest of the fresh strawberries that were a bit long in the tooth. Smelled so good.
 A batch of Magic Cookie bars, but I substituted 1/2 of a bag of dark chocolate M & M's for the chocolate chips that I am out of.
A strawberry-rhubarb pie using fzn organic rhubarb and fzn berries. Smelled awesome while baking!
 We were all sent home early Monday, due to the impending blizzard. Early that morning, I got a Crock Pot out again, making a batch of beef-kidney bean-black bean chilli. House smelled so good when I got home.  Tuesday found me at home as well, so choice of leftovers was offered. I had the rest of the cobbled together, canned soup for another day. I had mixed a can of Progresso macaroni and bean with a can of condensed bean and bacon soup from Aldi's. I mostly keep "cooking soups" on the pantry shelves, perhaps an emergency sick person can of chicken rice, and these 2 aforementioned cans were lingering. Good to use those up. Crackers served on the side. Speaking of crackers, someone* likes to open a sleeve of crackers and return it to the box. Next visit to this same box, they grab a "fresh" sleeve of crackers. @@ Not happy with this practice. So, I've combined all of the opened sleeves into a clear, plastic, gallon sized baggie. I now have one with just saltines, and another with an assortment of crackers: veggie, whole wheat etc. Need to use all of these up before I purchase any more.
 The Magic Cookie bars were gone very quickly. Since I was home, I made both a box of brownies as well as a second batch of the aforementioned Magic cookie bars, using up the last of my pecans from SC relatives, turning to purchased (geez! those ARE expensive!) walnuts from Aldi's. I used some crushed graham crackers up, as well as my last 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk.
 Today (Tuesday) found us all home, due to the state wide, travel ban so breakfast found me pan frying some frozen ham slices, and making a double batch of scratch, buttermilk pancakes, using up the rest of my buttermilk in the process. Lunch was  as assortment of leftovers, with me polishing off the soup referenced above, the twins finished the chilli. Supper was a large dish of hamburger and macaroni, substituting a lb's worth of hot Italian sausage for the ground beef (I found a marked down deal recently and froze the sausage so we're eating a lot of that at the moment). Fed 6 again, with a leftovers container for my lunch tomorrow.
 A large tossed salad of organic Romaine, cabbage, grape tomatoes, red onion, sliced black olives (to stretch them further rather than using whole olives), organic dilly beans from our CSA. Choice of dressings including homemade Italian vinaigrette, Newman's own raspberry vinaigrette, homemade HV ranch (DS #1 finished that tonight, but I made my last envelope of it aftersupper, replenishing the ranch dressing jar), a bottle of Kraft Dijon Ranch dressing. I am very much focused on using what we have, making substitutions, using what is on hand. No real grocery shopping recently, beyond milk.
We were down to a few remaining slices of Aldi's Rye, so I made 2, 2 lb loaves of potato bread, finishing off the remaing, gifted to us, potatoe flakes that were stored in a huge, plastic tub that originally held pretzels. I've recycled that container, as I much prefer storing food in glass. I still have my large coffee can sized, metal container of Idaohan potato flakes that is still full. We were gifted approx. 8 large boxes of instant potato flakes a few years back, so I am glad to see that these are almost gone. Good for a back up, when in a rush, for casseroles, baking as I did today. I much prefer to use fresh potatoes, if possible.


CT Bargain Mom said...

I have found that ocean state job lot has pecan halves and pieces cheaper than aldi. And they offer online coupons making them even less costly.

When there is a coupon I stock up and freeze them. I just slide the bag they come in into a freezer ziplock style bag for extra protection.

CTMOM said...

CT Bargain $6.49/lb are the cheapest walnuts (other types are more costly) for me, at Aldi's. I don't have an Ocean state near me, but Big lots is a treck, but do-able.