Saturday, January 17, 2015

This week's freebies

I benefited from several freebies this week:


Leftover snacks from the PTA were distributed to the various teacher's offices, including some mini muffins and bananas. I grabbed 2 bananas on day one, 2 more day 2, so a total of 4 free bananas. The muffins were left uncovered and I had no idea whose or how many hands touched them, so I passed on those. : )    Bananas came in their own sealed wrapping, so no issues.

Teacher's appreciation luncheon this past week offered a variety to chose from. Here's my plate: a turkey/Swiss cheese/lettuce/Tomato/mustard wrap, a mustard and dill shrimp salad over greens, a hot Mexican dish of rice, chicken, green peppers in a mild, creamy sauce; a mandarin orange and Romaine oriental type dressed salad, fresh fruit salad. Lots more offerings, and a LOT of Feta cheese inspired dishes (recently had a conversation with someone who noticed that Feta is the cheese of choice everywhere lately. Why?), lots of sweets, soda. I choose a bottle of water.

Found a dime in the laundry, I always call these "tips for the laundry lady."


My trip to Aldi's today: I tried to give someone my quarter as she was returning her Aldi's cart, she refused to take it. : )  Naturally, I later returned my cart, got an extra 25 cents in my wallet as a result.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

They do that at our Aldi's too--it's like a contest to see who can avoid taking the most quarters!
I have a small compartment in the car that started out with one or two quarters, and I think there must be about five in there now. I'm making money trying to pay my (refundable anyhow) quarter.

CTMOM said...

This isn't the first time that a fellow customer has refused to take the quarter. That said, I did have an experience when a customer approached me as I was returning my now empty cart, and stated that she'd take the cart. I held out my hand (she looked a bit taken back) and asked for the quarter. Maybe this woman (looking for a freebie?)always did this and never had to pay for a cart? Shrug. I got my quarter. If she refused, I would have returned it, and retrieved my quarter.