Sunday, January 4, 2015

This morning's use it up inspiration: roasted, Red Kuri squash


This morning's use it up inspiration which quickly became a late bfst/brunch is the cup's worth of leftover, organic, roasted Red Kuri squash. ( I purchased it directly from my original CSA farmer in the late Fall. It was my last one. Delicious. Not wanting to waste anything at the moment, I set my mind to figuring out how to use this up, deciding upon waffles, substituting the squash for pumpkin in the following recipe.

 I turned to my Grandmother's circa 1935, GE waffle iron that I cherish. I had my now DX rewire it years ago at the cost of a whopping 11 cents from the local hardware store.
First one out, they smell so good! Warm, real maple syrup and additional butter will be offered to those eating breakfast here.


Anonymous said...

They look great!

Catherine said...


Nancy said...

excellent substitution! The waffle looks yummy!

Belinda said...

I once attended a Vegetarian Cooking class and she used her waffle iron to make a variety of dishes that looked very appealing. She made "waffles" out of polenta and made hash browns in her waffle iron. Your Red Kuri waffles look terrific! :)