Thursday, January 1, 2015

This is rare here

I was running late for a medical appointment a few days ago, and only managed to consume my RX, water, OJ, a bit of coffee before leaving the home. Fast forward, and after running errands, I was feeling lightheaded, and knew that if I didn't get more food and coffee on board, I'd be facing a migraine. I stopped in at a local Dunkin Donuts and took advantage of one of their meal combos, buying 2 donuts and a medium coffee for under $4. Fine. While there, I treated the family with a large box of munchkins, something I may purchase once a year: $8.49. Thud. That IS expensive.

If I did this every week, besides killing my budget and impacting my personal, financial goals, it wouldn't be such a big deal, it would be expected. Enjoyed? yes. Appreciated as the true treat that they are? I doubt it.

So, a rare treat it is. My budget is intact, I remain on course financially, I was thanked for the treat. Perfect.


Catherine said...

Such a nice treat!

Kelly Campbell said...

Whoa! $8.49?? indeed. I had no idea they were that expensive. Haven't bought them in at least 5 years.

Anonymous said...

What a nice treat! You have to treat yourself sometimes. By doing that it keeps me on the right path the rest of the time.