Monday, January 26, 2015

Talking emergency preparedness


A most likely historic blizzard is heading to CT, with snow totals expected to be between 2 and 3 feet when all is said and done. Add that to the already 7 inches we just got over the weekend. This storm is forecasted to bring winds of epic proportions, and power outages are anticipated. The states roads will shut down, effective 9 p.m. tonight. Images of crowded stores, shortages, long lines are frightening. Many reports of downright rude behaviors. That said, my view is not to wait for an event such as the impending storm, but rather to always be prepared for the worst, while hoping for the best.

-In Sept, I ordered a cord of seasoned, hard wood.

-Periodically, especially after tending to a medical situation that can depete my stores, I review what medical supplies are in my homemade, first aid kit and restock. I also keep common OTC on hand, in plenty of supply

-I order our maintenance RX's well in advance and usually have at least a month's worth on hand

-I own a gas grill with a side burner, and always keep a full tank of propane on hand

-I have a cast iron Dutch oven and the skills to cook with it either on a grill or in a dirt pit with coals

-I live in a home with a wood stove

-Daily in heating season, I gather kindling from the woods for starting fires

-I set aside non colored newspapers, cardboard egg cartons for fire starting

-I keep 4 large, empty, Poland Springs water jugs to fill in case of outages, to ensure the ability to flush toilets (well and septic here)

-I keep paper plates, disposible silverware, napkins on hand for outages

-I have a crank run, emergency ban radio that will charge cell phones, and has a built in LED flashlight

-we have a LED, battery run lantern

-I keep candles, matches on hand

-I keep a pantry, including easy to cook ingredients

-I always keep at least 1/4 tank (1/2 in Winter) of gas in the car

I knew that we would have an early dimissal today. Great, that gives me time to prep a bit more. So on the way home I did the following:

-Stopped at the convenience gas/mini mart and grabbed 2 gallons of milk (we were almost out anyway). Yes, I paid a bit more than I'd like, but there were no lines. : ) $7.18 out the door

-Stopped at the gas station, again paying a bit more than I would if I continued North to the city, but I wanted to get it done! I topped off my car (It had just over 1/2 tank) $10.05

-Stopped at the local hardware: cheese cloth-that made them do a double take, asking me, "Don't you need some ice melt?" "Yes, I am here for that, too. I just don't want to forget the cheese cloth!"  Household item off my list as well as 100 lbs commercial grade ice melt: $43.57.

Home at time expected as although I ran 3 errands, I literally was driving right by these estabishments. Paying the local guy also supports local families and not the big box corporations so I am totally fine with this. My time (and safety) is also important.

So, I hunker down for a few days. School already called off for tomorrow and it's really only lightly snowing at the moment, but that will soon change. I plan to bake some bread, bake some cookies, run a load of wash, fill the tub with extra water, fill some containers for drinking water/washing and call it quits.

We've got this. : )


CT Bargain Mom said...

Stay safe & warm! People in New England forget this has been happening for ages.

slugmama said...

Anybody who lives in the Northeast knows to be prepared for snow "events"....nice reminder not to wait until it happens!
This storm is tracking too far east to give us anything but about a foot. I can do that with my hand tied behind my back. ;-)
Stay safe!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well. Sounds as if you are as prepared as you can get.

They're calling for snow flurries even as far south as I am, but they aren't expecting it to stick.

Theresa F said...

Sounds like you are well prepared. Stay safe and warm.

Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Like you, I'm thinking "I got this!" We have at least one bad snowstorm a year and several other snow storms during winter. Yet people always act like it's their first. Heading off to bed but plan to fill the tub with water and fill up some extra glasses of water for the fridge. Oh and I'll fill the kettle too so I just need to switch that on. Plenty of food but worst case scenario, it will just be a couple of days.

Hope you guys stay warm and safe! And there are no power outages!
~ Pru

Belinda said...

Stay safe! I hope and pray you all don't lose power.

Belinda said...

I wanted to stop in this morning and let you know again that we are keeping you all in good thoughts! The news is calling this storm life threatening, so I hope and pray you all will be safe and sound. Keep us updated if you can. Hoping you don't lose power.