Saturday, January 10, 2015

Taking care of business


These past few days have found me taking care of routine, household paperwork. I find that when I let this build up, I can miss deadlines, or delay reimbursements. I aim to keep on top of these things, especially as it helps my bottom line. I have also been jumping on bills as soon as they come in, and then come the end of the month, electronically move any savings over from my checking to the savings account. Watching the account build is a real incentive as those monies are needed to purchase my next forever home.

I am also keeping track of monies owed me, whether it be the older kid's rent and food monies, "loans from Mom" for purchasing a new to her car in DD's case or "Mom can you cover X for me and I'll pay you back" loans, insurance claims being denied/pended/not reimbursed correctly, out of pocket charges for medical treatments not being billed correctly (meaning not at the agreed upon, per contract, "in plan" rate).

The kids got behind, due to Christmas, but one has made full payment, another partial, and the third: I had to speak with last night. Christmas is Dec 25th every year-so budget/plan accordingly. I paid the rent almost 2 weeks ago, the agreement (aka 'lodger's contract") stipulates that the rent will be paid to me by the first of the month. I am NOT happy about this. I am most upset about the third who didn't broach the topic with me, leaving ME to bring up the missing reimbursement money. Sigh.

 Breakfast this morning for me was a heartier than usual one: more fried Spam, 2 fried eggs (only one egg remains in the house!), the rest of the Rye bread as buttered toast, OJ, coffee. I have my monthly hair appointment later this morning, and I will be in the city during lunch time, so I bulked up my bfst so as to avoid any hunger temptations. I'll heat up some leftovers when I return. One DS had oatmeal, DD had steel cut oats, 2 DS's had cold cereal, the GF is sleeping in. We've been eating down/using up quite a bit, which has been my goal. Although I did the trash/recycling just a week ago, we already have several bags of recycling (4?), a stack of cardboard, a bag or 2 of trash. I am hoping to just fill in the essentials this week (grocery shopping), to reign in costs/expenditures, especially as I have yet to receive full reimbursements for rent/food this month. Grrr.
So, we eat what is on hand. This morning found me preparing some individual serving dishes of both Jello (I like to top it with some fresh, whipped cream to make it a real treat/dessert), some instant pistachio pudding (a good way to use some surplus whole milk before it goes bad). Any dessert seekers can turn to these, if not the fruit salad/fruit cup that I plan on making later this afternoon, using some less than perfect, fresh fruit from a fruit basket. I'll combine pear, apple, orange, melon with some canned pineapple in juice and call it a day. Easy, healthy and avoids food waste. We also still have some apple crumb topped coffee cake and some chocolate-peppermint kiss cookies on hand as well. I will be baking some bread also this afternoon, and making some homemade clam chowder for today's Saturday soup dinner with saltines on the side. If time/energy allows, I have peanut butter cookies as my next baking treat to make.


Anonymous said...

I made jello today, too. We haven't had any in a while and I had some languishing in the cabinet. I have a horrid sore throat and have for a week now and something cool feels good going down. Since I am working to use up what we have, it was jello to the rescue.

CTMOM said...

Shara, sorry you aren't feeling well. Are you gargling with warm salt water? Hydrate also as much as possible, avoid dairy, push vitamin C, and get some rest. There is a lot of "the crud" going around and I try to get ahead of it ASAP once I suspect that I have symptoms. Working in a school, it's vital! Honey is also nice, to sooth a sore throat. Be well!

mikemax said...

Carol, in other posts you have mentioned that your LL isn't certain that she will rent the house for more than a year, that it is more expensive than you can really afford without your lodgers, and that you will be able to buy another home in another year. Based on that, I would stay put for another year, with or without the lodgers, if she will rent the place for another year. Moving costs a lot (both financially and physically) and when you figure the difference in rents vs. what it costs to move again, I think you will be at least as well off to stay...and maybe better off. In the meantime, enjoy that wood stove and the free heat!

mikemax said...

A note for Shara--Carol is exactly right, especially the warm salt water gargles. Biol 100 taught me that sore throats occur because of changes in pH in the throat, and that salt water will help correct the pH. Besides, it's as close to free and you're going to get!

CTMOM said...

Plan A is to stay here, and as you note, with/out lodgers.
Plan B-find another rental in this town for one year, buy a home in 18 months
Plan C-find another rental in this town for one year,move to the city to the complex that rents on a month to month while we wait buying the next home (timing or financial issue)

So, I am planning for all possibilities, saving what I can in the process to make this a reality

mikemax said...

I hope Plan A works for you--really does look like the best option. However, I saw a sign that said, "Success in life depends on how well you do with Plan B." Lotta truth to that!