Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sunday supper: roast pork

 This past Sunday, I seasoned a defrosted, boneless pork roast with salt, pepper, Penzey's Bavarian spice seasoning and let it rest on a bed of sliced shallots in a bit of water. Once removing the cooked meat, I unearthed this:
 which I strained and turned into a pork gravy, using a cornstarch slurry
 canned beets,the rest of some apple sauce, and not pictured: egg noodles that I seasoned with some salt, pepper, garlic powder after adding some butter.

oven roasted, Acorn squash w/ butter, sugar (substituted the leftover white sugar from making the peppermint kiss cookies for the usual brown sugar as I didn't want to waste it), cinnamon

Sunday is white laundry day, so I naturally took advantage of my supplemental clothes dryer: the Jotul wood stove in the TV room.

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