Saturday, January 17, 2015

Some small grocery trips

A blog reader gave me a heads up that a local store (Stew Leonard's) had a 4 day sale on 18 pack XL eggs for $1.99. Dollar Tree medium eggs are now sold as a 6 pack so the medium eggs are $2/dozen. The equivalent in Xl would cost $2.24, so the Stew's eggs were a real bargain.

I can't remember the last time that I was there, I am talking YEARS. Back in the day, I did often go to Stew's for basics at affordable prices: eggs, butter, milk, cream. There was always at least one type of vegetable and one type of fruit on sale. Those days are long, long gone. I really can't afford that store. I did take advantage of a few other deals: 2 quarts low fat vanilla yogurt @ $2, 2 pints buttermilk @ 99 cents, 2 large bags of spinach @ $1, 2  1 lb pkgs of FL strawberries @ $2, 2 lbs of butter @ $2.49. I also found that they now sell large bags of marked down produce for $4. These are huge bags.

I ended up with 10 huge peppers, most were yellow/orange with a few green tossed in. They are "on sale" this week @ $2.99/lb
 I now have 2 dinner's worth of pepper cups for making stuffed peppers, now frozen.
The tops?

Those were chopped and also frozen for using in pasta sauces, omelettes, etc.
I spent $29.90 at Stew's.

Today found me in the city, and while kidlet was at a lesson, since I was close by, I stopped in at Aldi's for the following: 2 qts 1/2 and 1/2, 2 gallons milk, large canister coffee, 2 cans albacore, 4 cans ck lite tuna, 2 pkgs swabs, 3 bottles juice, onion powder, 4 cans tomato sauce, 4 cans mushrooms. I spent $35.20.

I stopped in at Dollar tree, still no eggs. I did grab a large bottle of dish washing soap we will soon need: $1.06 spent.

Final stop later this afternoon, after doing a bimonthly trash/recycling run ($3.40 in trash fees-got rid of 3 tall kitchen bags of trash, 6 same sized bags of recycling plus msc cardboard boxes), I stopped at the local IGA for a sale on beef roasta.  Here's what I bought: a jar of red pepper relish (only local store that carries it), 4 large boxes tissues on sale, 2 beef roasts ($3.49/lb sale-both frozen), 2 3 ct pkgs organic Romaine lettuce -sale @ $3, a small block Havarti with dill (sale @ $3.99), 2 half lb pkgs deli meats for tonight's sandwiches (Eggads! pricey stuff! but I figured still cheaper than ordering out), a pkg of hotdog buns, a pkg of Kaiser rolls for tonight's sandwiches. $61 92 out the door ($26 approx was for the 2 roasts). I also picked up a special tea for a co-worker, to be reimbursed, tallied on a separate order so I would have a receipt.


CT Bargain Mom said...

I noticed you buy half & half often, how many coffee drinkers are there at your house? Do you use it for other cooking? I only ask since when I was single & working - I would always be the one to buy it for the office fridge but only ever get a cup or 2 of coffee before it was gone - I stopped then they switched to the powder creamer (nasty taste & not cream). I then learned to drink my coffee black, rather than with fake creamer powder.

I'm amazed at how $y half & half is -

Belinda said...

Good deal on the eggs considering the price of them lately.

CTMOM said...

5 of the 6 of us have coffee, with the 6 rarely doing so. GF lives on coffee, drastically increasing our use. I know that personally, I need 1 pint a week for my own coffee needs. A quart used to last me 2 weeks, when the kids were little. DX drinks his coffee black. Occassionally, I do use 1/2 and 1/2 in cooking, but not that often. The GF is required to give me $ (as does DS #1 and DD) every month towards groceries.

Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Oh my I used to love Stew Leonards! I remember my first visit there probably over 15 years ago. When the little dolls started to sing/dance - scared the daylights out of me because I wasn't expecting it and hadn't seen them. They were expensive back then but would always have several things that were priced really well.

Catherine said...

Glad Stew's was worth the trip! I find their 4 day sales are worth going for at least once a month.

CTMOM said...

Catherine, I had never heard of their 4 day sales-need to start checking weekly on line for any deals there, especially as I am often close by.

CTMOM said...

Pru-back in the '80's and '90's, I used to often go to Stews. I could always get milk, eggs, OJ, yogurt at reasonable prices plus there was always one meat, one veg and one fruit on sale at an awesome price. Quality remains high, but now their prices match it.
: (
I can't afford to shop there often, but now that I know of their 4 day specials, I will make it a point to check for them on line, especially as I am often in the area.