Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Some rental woes

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We were very fortunate to have had all new appliances installed (exception being the washer and dryer which we were told were barely used and would be replaced if anything happened)just prior to our tenancy. Of concern is that the right side, refrigerator door makes a loud "pop" or "cracking" noise, only when it's about to be shut. No noise while opening, just while closing. From what I've researched on line, it may be a simple hinge part that needs to be replaced.

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A while back, I noted that the wooden shelving over that cellar oil tank had what appeared to be water stain marks on them. I store my extra cleaning supplies there, tools, that sort of thing. I assumed that the water marks dated to sometime during which the landlord resided here. I noted what appeared to be fresh, damp stains in the same particular spot. I placed a rag down, returned later, and the rag was naturally damp-but where was this coming from? It appears that a faucet valve fitting, much like the one pictured, but part of the boiler system that carries water to the living room baseboard heaters is a bit moist, dripping? overflowing as there is a pressure release component? I don't know, it's not my area of expertise. I do know that the LL also had extensive work done on the heating sytem, and it is under warrenty. She told me that she didn't bother with a service plan as she has a 1 year (or more?) warrenty. The company would come out and fix whatever issue developed. This value seems to only sporadically drip, but should be addressed, IMO.

 These things are coming in threes: the dishwasher is on the fritz as well! Twicw a code has appeared after running only a few minutes and the initial rinse goes thru and drains. According to the manual the LL left behind, this code means that it's not draining properly. It does drain below the kitchen sink, which gurgles whenever even just the sink is used. Was it installed properly? is something clogged? So, I emptied a completely full dishwasher and set to washing it all by hand. I had purchased an extra large, draining mat when we moved here as the corner sink configeration makes it hard to set up a dish drainer. I find, however, even with the little that we hand wash (prior to the DW breaking down), the mat is always wet and hold the moisture. Sigh. So back down cellar I went . .
 retrieving my old, plastic dish drainer and plastic board underneath. A much better set up, the dishes dry quickly. The kids are all on KP duty to wash anything they use. My hands really require that I use a dish washer, due to my OT issues, but also because of my eczyma which really flares come Winter. I use Playtex living gloves as a result when I do what I'll call marathon washing. I've got to discipline myself to use them even if just washing a cup. My skin will thank me. I recently developed a hole in the right glove of my blue pair. No worries, I saved the "good" glove from a prior pink pair, and I worked with 2 different colored gloves for a while, until the pink one also developed a hole. These gloves are not inexpensive, so I try to get them on sale, and sometimes I can use a coupon as well.
I wanted to contact the LL on Sunday, when I discovered the DW issue, but knowing the forecast of a blizzard would severely impact getting anyone out here, I've held out on contacting her, but will do so tomorrow. I need to see the kid's work hours to figure out when someone willbe home, in case they want to come while I am at work. I don'e expect the LL to be happy when I call, but I know that the valve should be covered, and I assume (no idea how this works) that the 6 month old appliances would have some sort of a warrenty. I do know that they were purchased through a small, independently run, family appliance shop in the city. I hope that they stand behind these. If the DW problem ends up being a clog, that may be our responsibility, but honestly, I am very careful and treat this rental as if it were my own. Anyone have experience with basically new appliances breaking down?


DW said...

Sounds like it could be a clog ... does the manual mention a trap that can be cleaned out (easily) by you? (I say easily, because with my mine, you have to take half the machine apart to get to it.)

CTMOM said...

DW, DD and I looked up on line and followed the manufacturer's suggestions. Cleaned filter 1, ran a rinse cycle. Now there is water in the bottom of the machine. Not draining code comes up. OK, cleaned filter 2 (found residue on both), drains but code moves to one that references an intake and I can't cancel the machine cycle, it sounds like a motor/pump is running non stop, so I switched off the power to the DW at the electrical panel. I will be calling the LL. I will tell her that the filters are clean, there is something else wrong with it. If it's clogged, I am prepared to pay for a service call, if it's not included under warrenty.