Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday supper

With the approach of today's Nor'easter, our normal visitation schedule shifted. The youngest saw Dad for dinner last night, but were returned home, as their Dad will be plowing all night into today, and sleeping most of Sunday.

So-2 more than usual for a Saturday supper. Veering away from the usual soup, and eyeballing a Pyrex container of reserved, leftover, kind of soupy tomato sauce/broth from a recent batch of Crock Pot stuffed peppers that needs to be used up, as well as a repurposed pickle jar full of ziti-my inspiration was found. I started by melting some reserved chicken fat, and frying off the rest of a large onion, some frozen green/yellow pepper strips, along with 3/4 of a lb of marked down hot Itallian sausge. I then added the leftover tomato "broth," a large can of stewed tomatoes, a pint of home made organic tomato sauce. I had planned on using the rest of the baby Bella mushrooms, but after checking the menus for the upcoming week, I decided to keep those for tomorrow's stew, along with my last 2 stalks of celery. This sauce will be served over the pickle jar ziti with lines and the boxed plain ziti, combining the 2 types of pasta into one.

Here's the sauce a few hours later-perfect!

 Grated Parmesan cheese, on top as desired.

I also grabbed our last tube of Crescent rolls, sprinkled some salt free, garlic and herb seasoning inside before rolling them up, to serve as the bread tonight.

I have some leftover salad

and we still have dressings, although more will soon need to be made. I also dug out the last 2 bottles of purchased dressing that I had in the pantry cabinet. Use it up it is.


Belinda said...

Looks good, Carol. :)

CT Bargain Mom said...

Looks like a great choice for a cold night meal!