Thursday, January 1, 2015

My New Year's Day tradition

 A tradition I grew up with is roasting a whole turkey on New Years-certainly a frugal way to begin the new year. I am not really fussing, however, but instead treating this as exactly what it is: just a big chicken that takes longer to cook.  I will serve slices of the roast meat along with some homemade gravy
"stove top" bought on sale at Aldi's, roasted organic, Red Kuri squash, a tossed salad with choice of dressings. We are down to 2 offerings in the dressing dept: a bit of raspberry vinaigrette remains and I have a full curet of homemade herbal vinaigrette. I am thinking of making some Ranch (one DS likes it alot) as well as some Dorothy Lynch, which a different DS really likes. Just keeping it simple.

I have some household chores to attend to, the tree and decorations get taken down today, the house back to normal. I am hoping to get together with a friend over the next few days for a cup of tea and some "girl talk." I have vowed to make that a monthly thing, instead of allowing months to go by, as we have.  A resolution I suppose, although I set goals multiple times, annually, not just at Jan 1.

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