Saturday, January 3, 2015

Medical updates


As mentioned in a previous post, I've been addressing several medical issues this past month but especially during these past 2 weeks while I have been home on "vacation.:

-DX for anymore follow up for my July thumb surgery
-followed up and planning now for a second surgery on my right shoulder, bicept tendon this upcoming Summer
-saw 3 different orthopedists regarding my on-going, Achilles tendon issue. Will finish PT next week, then return to the foot/ankle specalist in 2 weeks. Trying to avoid surgery, which would be a real problem. I wouldn't be able to drive (it's my right ankle) nor put any weight on it, and we are currently living in a 2 story Colonial. Using a scooter gizmo to keep my leg off the ground-ugh. This would also impact my getting shoulder surgery this Summer.
-saw 2 orthopedists regarding an ongoing (2 1/2 years now) left hip issue that got shelved when I learned that I needed to have my left shoulder repaired. It's been worsening, most likely due to favoring the other "good ankle/leg" while the right Achilles has been cranky since injuring it in Aug. Ended up with a cortisone shot (not at all as bad as the ones I got in my foot for plantar fasciitis, and my CMC of the thumb due to Osteoarthritis). I will start PT for the hip in a week and 1/2. Scheduling is almost always delayed at the hospital, as the schedules are booked so far ahead. Just want to finally put that issue to bed
-routine dental cleaning and 6 month check up
-ordered and received my mail order, 3 month supply of daily RX that costs almost $700!
-annual eye exam (been having significant trouble with reading-especially on the computer, small print, etc). I already wear progressive bifocals, and my current pair is literally one year old. I also have had floaters for years. Eye health is excellent, which is good to hear, but the ophthalmologist who I have used since 1987 tells me that he had to "tweak my prescription" to help me to read better. OK, over to the eyewear shop, the optician looks over my RX, compares it to last years' and exclaims that while my right eye has improved, vision wise, the left has changed 50 degrees! Ack! "Tweaking" a RX means a few degrees =/- to me-certainly not fifty! So, after comparing the cost of a new set of lenses for my current glasses (my lenses are expensive to to astigmatism as well), I decided to go with a new set of upgraded glasses, and once I confirm that that RX is working well, I am considering getting the upgraded lenses for this current "old" pair to act as my backup. I really don't have a good back up pair, the last pair has a RX that is about 6 years old,and my eyes have been changing a lot during that period. So, an unexpected bill (the glasses and the refraction charge at the ophthalmologist's office) but at least my vision rider thru medical insurance will refund me $80 towards the glasses and the MD gave me a $50 voucher for using his eyewear shop. I'll take it. I also chose a fun color for my frames; my favorite: purple. : )
-made several appointments or left a message to make an appointment (some offices were still closed on Fri, Jan 2) with other physicians. (dermatologist, a new internist as my former one retired) I will need to make appointments for visits with other MD's this Spring/Summer-definately before Sept 1 when my new deductible year kicks in. Well woman care, mammogram, annual allergist/asthma MD visit.
-I am anticipating some dermatologic procedures, I've already scheduled my repeat endoscopy for this Summer, my follow up dental visit in June.

All the aforementioned (with the exception of the balance on the glasses and the refraction charge) was/will be paid in full by my medical insurance.

One of my goals this year (I don't do "resolutions") is to work on ME, getting me as healthy and feeling as well as possible, even in light of my ever worsening orthopedic concerns. Stress reduction (most work related), healthy eating, weight reduction, getting into better shape (been hard to exercise due to recent injuries and surgeries). Once I am medically cleared, I'd like to take an acquatic exercise class. I've checked at the YMCA-naturally, they are held at 10 am during the work day, none are offered on the weekend; so working people are out of luck. The hospital does have a pool program, I'll look into that next. If I need a MD's note, I am certain that one of my orthopedists would be happy to write me one.

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Sandie Apuzzo said...

I too, am focusing on 'me' as well as saving this year. I started a workout program through an app on my kindle(on top of my 10k steps a day) and I was happy to have no problems doing the first beginner workout. Plus I feel good, both physically and mentally having completed it. Good for you, I look forward to hearing of all your 2015 adventures.