Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Medical update

Monday afternoon found me picking up my new glasses (http://www.morel-france.com/en/KOALI--214-100.html)  -a brand I never heard of, especially as I never had sought "designers" just selecting what I like, what works best for me. In the past, I've worn Channel, Versace, BCBG Maxazria, now it's a pair of French designer glasses, in PURPLE-Sluggy would be jealous! I am also a great fan of purple. With my "Winter" coloring, it looks really good on me, too.  Bottom line, I can see so much better.

Today was my evaluation at the hospital for my upcoming Physical therapy on my left hip. I return on Thursday for an actual therapy session, and will continue on a twice a week basis, returning also to the hip orthopedist in the 29th to see if I have to continue PT or can simply do the exercises at home. Between my hand rehab and the Achilles rehab, I am getting close to exhausting my therapy benefit for the calendar year. The expectation is that I will have a shoulder repair surgery once school is out, and I assume that there will be follow up rehab as a result. Running out of benefit=incurring debt-in this case, something I would do as getting the best result, medically is essential.

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