Saturday, January 24, 2015

Know the Doctor's office policies


Recently, I was at the dermatologist and as I was leaving, I scheduled 2 follow up procedures, one scheduled for this morning. Knowing that if I didn't show up or if I didn't cancel with at least 24 hours notice, I've kept an eye out for this weekend's weather, and we ended up having a Nor'easter. Predictions were accurate, round one has blown thru, leaving about 6 inches of snow, and we await round 2 later tonight, to include ice. Having read numerous signs at the MD's that a medical cancellation incurrs a $25 fee, and a cosmetic procedure a $75 one, I made sure to call first thing on Fri, at about 9:15 a.m. and advise the receptionist that due to the impending Nor'ester, I would be rescheduling my appointment for Saturday morning. I confirmed that I will NOT be charged any fee for doing so. Frankly, based on the conditions out there (DS # 1 left to go to work at 6 a.m., just returning and I await the driveway being plowed)I highly doubt that they even opened the office today. Regardless, I'll keep my $75, and use some of that for the upcoming charges for a procedure that will not be covered through insurance. 

DS also normally has 2 lessons/appointments on Saturdays-luckily the instructors cancelled on their own. If WE cancel, we still have to pay the full amount. 


Frugal Queen said...

Are you ok lovvie? You seem to have had a lot of medical appointments recently. I don't go to the doctor one year to the next. Take care xxx

CTMOM said...

Yes, I am OK, thanks for checking in.
: )
I have a high deductible insurance plan, which means that outside of well woman care, mammograms, vacinations, 2 dental cleanings, 1 annual physical, all medical expenditures are placed against the aforementioned high deductible. Once met, I can attend to any medical issue, knowing that the expenditures are covered in full. This past Summer, I had a third and the final possible surgery on my hand. I was in OT for that thru the Fall. I also hurt my Achhilles in Aug, due to a Fall, and subsequently was in PT for that. I have been DX on both those ailments. We quickly met the deductible, so I am attending to (and the kids are also) several things: I have been to the opthomologist and required a significantly different RX for my glasses; I have been to the dermatologist and attended to a minor medical issue, will have a follow up on a cosmetic issue (which I will have to pay for-fine) and another medical issue (to address during Feb break), I have had a dental cleaning, I have been now under the care of an orthopedist for a hip ailment that has troubled me for over 2 years but it got shelved due to my hand surgery and 2 rotator cuff surgeries. I have already scheduled my annual physical with a new MD (former one retired) but have to wait until Sept-no worries though, as it will be covered in full. My annual check up with the allergist/asthma MD is already scheduled for this Summer, as is my annual check up with the gastroienterologist along with a required repeat endoscopy (I was formally diagnosed with GERD and Barretts' this past Aug). Understand that we are lucky, so to speak-we have "good medical insurance" but here in the US, at least in my experience, it is a game. So we mail order maintenance RX, watching refill dates, planning when to do so, when we anticiapte hitting the next high deductible, etc. I am fine, just have sucky tendons apparently, which are causing my multiple orthopedic issues. The other MD's are usually once a year, maintenance appointments, refills for my maintenace meds etc. I will soon be scheduling my annual mammogram and well woman care exam. One of my goals -I don't do resultions, is to make this a year where I am taking care of me. Once I am cleared to do so, I hope to join an aquatic exercise program which I should benefit from. I am exploring options. The YMCA's program is geared for retiree's, holding classes at 10 a.m.-so that's a no go. The rehab center at the hosptial, however, also has a program. 1/2 the school year is over and so far, knock on wood, I've only missed one day of school, due to a killer migraine. I get them infrequently now, so no worries. Thanks again. : )