Saturday, January 10, 2015

Just a quick top up this week (grocery wise) and an unexpected special


After my hair appointment today, I headed home, but not before first taking care of some errands as I literally was driving right by.

First stop: WM-far from my favorite destination, especially on a Saturday, but DD has made arrangements for her Dad to do an oil change, but she has to supply the oil and filter. I offered to pick these items up for her. Just under $21, for which DD reimbursed me immediately after work today.

Next: Aldi's: 2 boxes lotion tissues, 1 loaf Rye bread, 2 gallons milk, 3 qts 1/2 and 1/2, a 3 ct pkg gum, 4 Jello, 1 large can coffee, 1 pie crust and a marked down special: a butt ham @ $1.19/lb. $38.94 out the door, including the $12.60 ham for the freezer.

Next door is Dollar Tree: an 8 pack of AA batteries, duct tape, 4 boxes regular tissues, a large canister of Ital seasonings, a box of Brillo pads, a 2 count window insulation kit. $9.51.

Back to Aldi;s as DT didn't have any eggs (store was really picked over!) and won't get a delivery until Thursday. I literally only had 1 egg left in the house. 2 doz eggs: $4.50

Earlier in the week, I stopped at Price Rite: 1 pkg muffin papers, a pkg of hard rolls, 2 5 lb bags potatoes, 1 5 lb bag carrots, a qt buttermilk, a 1/2 gallon of 1/2 & 1/2, a gallon mmilk. $20.55.

Hoping for another low spend week next week as well.


Anonymous said...

We have to pick up cat food and milk for this week. Unless I see some great deals I'm planning to limit it to that.

Rachel said...

I am hoping for a low spend week as well...just need milk, produce and bread. Didn't see anything in the ads that were a great deal, so will leave it at that.