Saturday, January 3, 2015

Just one day left


It seems that this year, we (at work) are always focused on the next, upcoming break from work-whether it be a weekend or more recently, the extended Christmas break. Tomorrow is my last day for break. It was sometimes hard, discipline wise, but I banned myself from looking at my work e-mail since the 23rd of December. My vacation reminder was set on my e-mail; I'm off on break and won't be checking my e-mail until my return on Jan 5th.

So just how did I spend this break, if I wasn't on e-mail or doing anything else work related?

-planned for and celebrated Christmas with my immediate family, + 1
-took care of numerous medical issues for myself, the kids
-kept house
-cooked more elaborate meals
-addressed some tasks that had been set aside
-reviewed my finances, progress towards goals

It was productive. Reality will soon return, but at least I will have Downton Abbey to look forward to, tomorrow night! : )

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