Saturday, January 24, 2015

I also keep an eye out on reimbursements


While I track my expenditures, I also keep an eye on reimbursements due back to me. It can simply be the coworker who asked me to pick up a hard to find item at a grocery store (she reimbursed me the next work day this week) , to my kidlets for whom I may initially "cover" an expense knowing that in reality (it's their and not Mom's obligation), Child support, to insurance claims.

Today's mail brought me this:

A reimbursement check towards my recently purchased eye glasses. One of the perks of our new HSA medical plan is that they now offer something annually, per person covered, towards eyewear.

Because I bought these glasses thru the optical shop affiliated with the opthomologist, I received a $50 courtesy discount, so in total, $160 off retail. Nice. I'd be buying the glasses regardless and am very pleased with them, I see so much better now!

Here are my new glasses:

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