Saturday, January 31, 2015

Frugal February


Borrowing this moniker from Pru as I close out January in great shape, and move to February. The weather has turned frequently stormy, which I can work around, with eating down the pantry, which is very common for me, this time of year. While there is PLENTY of food still on hand, I am noticing some significant reductions and space is opeing up. I only have one cabinet (besides the tea/coffee cabinet) where I keep dry goods, including snacks, in the kitchen.

I've refused to buy more until the older stuff is gone.  Naturally, some* have the mentality that all of the "good stuff" is gone. Sorry, but I see 2 unopened boxes of plain saltines (we hav some block cheese, a bit of nutella, peanut butter, jam), a small box of crackers also unopened, a jar of banana chips, a jar of sunflower seeds, a box with one sleeve left of cinnamon grahams, a box of plain grahams with 2 sleeves inside, a full bag of pretzels, a barely touched bag of tortilla chips (we have salsa).  Also included is a gallon bag with several opened bags of saltine sleeves @@, and another with several opened sleeves from different packages of non saltine crackers. It all has to go! This is a good thing, IMO. I also have several pounds of popcorn kernals.

All of the bills are paid, I anticipate no extra expenses this upcoming month, just the usual ones, which I budget for. In an effort to pinch back a bit until I receive monies owed to me, I'm trying to significantly reduce my grocery expenditure this next month, save essentials, and an unbelievable bargain. In 2 weeks, I'll be off work for February break, but will not be traveling. Instead, medical appointments, taxes, decluttering of clothing and :stuff," and some sewing will keep me out of trouble. Staying home will also translate into reduced gasoline expense, not that mine is high anyway, as I drive a hybrid car. Still, I'll take what I can get.

Menus are set , I will review them and add to the ongoing grocery list on the fridge, as needed. When I create my menus, it's with the principal of incorporating food stuffs already on hand, with minimal additional ingredients required, except for the usual staples that are constantly replenished.

How are you approaching the new month?


PJ said...


Frugal February is also on my plan - i wont be stocking up on food as much, focus is finishing up some of the food stuff. If anything is needed, I will buy it but won't go out of the way to stock up things. My goal is to follow the steps of January, stay away from shops and clasp my wallet tight in my palms, so the pennies are not going anywhere except when needed ;-)

Sandie Apuzzo said...

As I've learned from you, I'm continuing to cook with what I have, only replenishing fish and vegetables/fruits/dairy. Today I created a shrimp corn chowder with things I found in the freezer/pantry!

CTMOM said...

Sandie-that sounds so good! Yum!

Baroness Prudent Spending said...

I echo Sandie and PJ - use it up and replenish only what you need.
~ Pru

young77 said...

I am doing the same using what I have already on hand in my top-of-the-fridge-only freezer and pantry (2 sm. cupboards.)

I was in my favorite store last week and they had marked down to $2.99/lb my favorite NW brand coffee because the company had redesigned the pkg'g. Bought 3 lbs (beans to grind) - wish I'd gotten more. Shirley