Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fish on Monday: turning to the pantry shelves

Only 4 for supper yesterday, so I only grabbed one 15 oz can of pink salmon off of the shelf. I made my own patties, the usual way but added smushed up, leftover tater tots so as to use them up. Came out fine.
5 patties
 A quick, homemade cole slaw using some bought on sale plus coupon Marzettis dressing.
 Switched the menu a bit so as to use up the leftover corn and
 leftover garlic noodles from Sunday

I mixed up some more tartar sauce,using my homemade zucchini relish and mayonnaise
 My supper plate

More laundry drying by the wood stove that we are really enjoying now that the weather has turned sharply colder

 I was gifted this covered, soup mug from a colleague at work today, along with a rainbow candy cane. Nice.

This is for Max: after supper, I prepared my lunch containers for Tuesday: the extra salmon cake, some tartar sauce, some coleslaw. I also tossed in an orange.

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