Saturday, January 3, 2015

February 2015 menus


Not a typo, this post is for FEBRUARY's menus. I am about to return to work and while menu plans normally happen around the 15th of the month, I will be immersed in semester exams, semester reports etc. Knowing that menu plans really go far to keep our grocery budget in check, I am being proactive and have planned these well in advance. I will need to purchase little to create these menus. Certainly, usual perishables will be restocked.
1-roast pork (fzn), homemade garlic seasoned buttered noodles,canned beets
2-homemade salmon cakes (use canned pink), homemade 3 bean salad using canned beans and homemade vinaigrette
3-goat meat (fzn CSA meat) stew, drop biscuits
5-Crock Pot Winter vegetable stew (new recipe), cornbread
7-homemade vegetable soup with noodles
8-oven roasted chicken legs (fzn), basmati rice, green beans
9-taco bake (new recipe), fzn corn
10-CP hot Italian sausage (use fzn) homemamde marinara over ziti; fzn Summer and Zucchini squash blend
12-Shepardess pie with lentils (use instant potatoes)
14-beef barley soup (use fzn beef shank bones)
15-roast whole turkey (fzn), stuffing, homemade gravy, steamed fresh carrots
16-hotdogs(fzn) on buns, fzn baked beans, coleslaw
17-CP turkey-dried pinto bean chilli, homemade corn muffins
19-vegetarian based quiche (use fzn Swiss)type TBD, salad
20-beer battered whiting (use fzn fish), homemade oven fries, corn
21-homemade turkey and pasta based soup
22-spaghetti and meatballs (fzn) in homemade marinara (use Crock Pot), salad
23-sausage hot pot (use fzn sausages), salad
24-CP stuffed peppers (use fzn pepper cups, fzn meat), salad
26-vegetable stir fry over Basmati rice, fzn pot stickers (steam)
28-homemade lentil soup, crackers


Grammy Goodwill said...

I am so impressed. I can't even plan meals for a week. Sigh.

mikemax said...

I always like to read other people's menus. I don't plan mine far in advance and I always get ideas. Let's face it, deciding WHAT to cook is the hardest part!

Something I've always wondered about is your lunches. I know that you often take leftovers. What about the other 5 people in your household? What food is available, and who makes their lunches? Morning or night before? I'd love to read a good blog post about packed lunches!