Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bulk cooking

I like to keep a very watchful eye on my refrigerator contents. What is on hand, what needs to be used up before it spoils, what is lingering such as a more non perishable item like a condiment. Having recently done 2 quick top ups this week, our stapes are in good supply. We had run out of butter, eggs, stick margarine and were almost out of soft margarine, OJ, etc. A rummage through this afternoon, reminded me that I have amassed the ingredients needed to make lasagna. Last minute change of plans this weekend, translated into the youngest 2 remaining here vs going to Dad's. A good opportunity to work on the lasagna it seemed.
 For those curious, here's the door side of the fridge with multiple jars of condiments, jams, spices and on the bottom shelf, OJ, chocolate syrup, a container of generic "koolaid."
This was also an opportunity to rid the pantry of some ingredients, including 2 boxes of no bake lasagna noodles that I buy at Dollar Tree. $1/box for American made pasta-an awesome deal. I also needed to make a quick sauce. I grabbed the 2 lurking cans of crash n burn tomato paste, added some water, spices, beef bouillon and 1/4 of a lb of hot Italian sausage that I browned off first; then I let this simmer while I mixed the ricotta-cottage cheese and spinach (used 2 cans that I drained)filling. I finished the open wedge of Parmesan and the fzn baggie of home shredded, deli end Provolone. I have about 8 one lb blocks of Mozzarella that I recently got at an awesome price. Some were 99 cents, some were $1.99. Still even cheaper than the $2.79/lb deli ends.
3 lasagnas: 2 metal trays are now frozen assets, the glass Pyrex was served to "the kids" who consumed the entire thing, along with a tossed salad. I don't eat lasagna, so I grabbed the lurking frozen burger patty, a frozen lurking hamburger bun and some frozen asset Calico beans for my dinner.

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