Thursday, January 1, 2015

A special breakfast

Working Mom guilt, I supose, but I rarely can make a nice, hot breakfast for the kids as I leave for work @ 6:20 in the morning, and their bus arrives just a few minutes later. On weekends when they are here, as well as on days off such as Christmas break, I like to treat the family to a nice breakfast.

My inspiration was this small basket of older potatoes from my CSA. They are small, and peeling is hard for me, so I had been turning to the larger sized potatoes instead. Time to use these up, especially as some were starting to sprout!
 Peeled, sliced, organic CSA potatoes in a variety of types, now frying off until tender, in some reserved pork fat.

 I save strained fat from bacon, ham, and pork sausages for frying purposes like this, and as an added bonus, this fat adds a nice flavor to my cooking. This allows me to save my cooking oil, and other fats for other cooking.

I had 1/2 of an onion in the fridge, to which I added 1 medium sized onion, now all chopped.

2 cans of Aldi's corned beef hash, some black pepper were my other ingredients.

Here's one kidlet's plate: I made fried eggs, and offered a choice of English muffins, Rye bread for toast, or assorted bagels. Spicy mustard was also served on the hash. Beverage choices were cocoa, oj, "splash" juice, coffee.

This easily would have been $100 at the local diner-just something I can't entertain. The food was good, if not better than the diner's and we ate while still in our Pj's. : )


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Belinda said...

I have the same issue with peeling potatoes anymore. It hurts my hand after doing so many, and now I've gotten to the point where I leave the skins on many times just to make it easier on me. Yesterday's breakfast was fried potatoes with the skins still attached. I just make sure to scrub them good first.

Anonymous said...

Yum! I don't know if your family eats sweet potatoes or not, but their price here is pretty good this time of year. They make a great fried potato hash, too.