Sunday, January 18, 2015

A quiet yet productive Sunday

DD has been away visiting friends for a few days, expects to return around lunch time tomorrow. DS #1 and GF are both working, so only me and the youngest 2 today.
 For bfst, I made a double batch of buttermilk pancakes from scratch. A pint of buttermilk is a tad too little for my recipe, so I thinned it with the rinsing out of the carton water, so as to equate the amount of buttermilk the recipe calls for. Came out fine. I served these with gifted to us, real Maple syrup and offered OJ, coffee and cocoa for beverages. We have leftover pancakes for tomorrow, a day that will find me and DS # 1 both out on separate, early MD appointments. Youngest will have to fend for themselves. This makes it easy.
 Leftovers are and continue to be the preferred offerings for lunch. Today, 2 kidlets had sandwiches (noted that we are almost completely out of both lunch meat and sliced cheeses-will have to make do this upcoming week).
 One kidlet finished off the homemade soup, but declined taking a leftover Grands biscuit. I can also offer those up with PB & J this week, should they linger-either for bfst or a lunch.

I grabbed the smaller portion of pate chinois that was left. It worked, the fridge is emptier, food waste avoided. Perfect.

My day was filled with numerous smaller and larger chores, including laundry.

 First, the laundry that was hung up on clothes horses yesterday, was taken down and folded, the exception being the shirts that were dried on hangers (not pictured), those were immediately moved upstairs to the owner's room. Everything was washed in cold and air dried. My most recent electric bill came in, and there was a jump in kilowatt usage, in addition to a rate increase. Granted, we were home for almost 2 weeks around Christmas and I was splurging by machine drying the flannel sheets-no more, I am back to being ubber conservative with electric. Every penny I can save goes into my house savings fund.
 Here is phase one of today's laundry, drying off near the wood stove, with a ceiling fan blowing hot air down upon it. After this photo was taken, 2 more loads were added to this room, to dry overnight. Before turning in for the night, I will pull and fold whatever is already dried.
 One of the L L Bean, Portugese flannel bottom sheets got a huge rip in it. I noted it as I went to fold it. The material is really ripe. Not worth patching, it's that delicate, I decided to cut away the elastic, and later, will see what I can do with the remaining fabric. Another body pillow "pillow case" for the GF? A standard pillow case? Not sure. The scraps/remenants will be cut up for cleaning rags. We've owned this set for years, I bought it second hand (in like new condition), already missing the pillow case, for which I have been using a German, solid grey flannel one that I also got second hand. The twins still have at least 4 complete sets of flannel sheets, so the remaining top sheet will be considered an extra for the time being, perhaps later being refashioned into sleep pants, pillow cases. Some of our extra flannel pillow cases are pretty worn, most having been fashioned/upcycled from my old nighties.
 While the Den's thermostat is set for 64 degrees, it's been about 74-75 degrees in there all day, due to the wood stove operating.
 Since we were out of sandwich bread, I made 2 loaves of white bread this afternoon
 Capitalizing on the heat and energy of the oven, I took the opportunity to bake off a batch of brownies (mix).
 I recently made some individual pudding and Jello "cups," which were quite popular here. I have some Anchor Hocking glass bowls with lids that are perfect for this use. I also have to turn to my vintage, Pyrex glass cup bowls for making more. To keep these covered, I tear off a narrow strip of plastic wrap, then place the plastic over 2 bowls, allowing for a space in between the 2 bowls. I then cut the plastic with scissors, and use only one strip of plastic to cover 2 bowls-another example of what I call "the small stuff." This won't make me wealthy by itself, but adding up these small measures, it does add up.

Another small stuff trick: adding water to the deemed "empty" shower gel bottle that was received as a gift for Christmas. Instead of simply recycling it, we are now using the watered down soap at the kitchen sink, where a lot of washing of the hands takes place. I stopped buying regular liquid soap refills, turning to dollar store body wash that I water down. At all of the bathroom sinks, however, we are back to bar soap, as a cost cutting measure.


CT Bargain Mom said...

Jello cups - genius! I have some small tupperwares I may call into service for that use.

I've found that I've been using the Equate version of clear non-antibacterial liquid hand soap cut 60:40 in the foaming pumps for the bathrooms with no problems. Currently using some foaming hand soap (coupon & sale) at the kitchen sink.

CTMOM said...

CT bargain

With the number in my family, these homemade grab and go type things are popular. I intentionally make whipped cream to fancy these things up, making it not so boring, although all would and sometimes do, eat the Jello "plain."

Melinda Lewis said...

Not related to anything you've written, but I HAD to let you know I tried your horseradish encrusted fish tonight and it was absolutely delicious. A keeper, for sure. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

CTMOM said...

Melinda, glad that you liked it.I can't take credit for it, it was shared with me years back, by an on-line blogger friend. : )