Monday, January 19, 2015

A medical day


Today, we took advantage of our current paid up high deductible insurance and addressed several medical issues:

1-I returned to the foot-ankle orthopedist, was DX from his care, but am to continue my at home strengthening exercices. I estimate that I am 95% healed from this Aug injury. Not uncommon to take so long with the Achilles

2-DS #1 saw a neurologist for the first time (after having a killer, debilitating migraine recently that landed us at the ER), got a RX (I will have to send it in), and will need some test-details to be forthcoming. He returns to this MD in a month.

3-I had my annual dermatological appoinment for mole check, dealing with some ongoing medical as well as cosmetic issues. She addessed one medical issue during the appointment, I have 2 follow up appointments scheduled (one is cosmetic-so I will incurr that cost)in the near future. Got 3 RX-one my insurance won't cover, but I couldn't get a price either for the mail order, so I have an email out to my insurance liaison to get some information. Bottom line is that I may need to pay for one of the 3 Rx's

4-I returned to the hospital for another PT appointment for a hip tendonitis issue that I am once again trying to resolve (was stopped after my bad fall that ultimately resulted in rotator cuff surgery). Hoping to finally put this issue to bed as well.

A good day, dealing with medical needs (and a few cosmetic preferences). So for now, the aforementioned were all freebies to us, but I know that I will have to pay for some upcoming costmetic procedures. No worries.

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CT Bargain Mom said...

Days like that always leave me to tired to cook - hope you had an easy dinner planned