Friday, December 12, 2014

Workday dinners

 Recent workday dinners around here: Crock Pot ground turkey chilli, homemade Southern style buttermilk corn bread on the side
 Oven baked chicken Parmesan, taking advantage of a rare convenience food on hand (sale plus cpn deal)
 Served over some ziti
 Large, tossed salad on the side with choice of dressings. We've been using up what ones we had, and I've continued to mix up my own replacements

I grabbed 2 tubes of sale plus cpn purchased Crescent rolls and before rolling them up, smeared some margarine on the inside of the triangle and sprinkled some salt free, garlic and herb seasoning inside. Instant garlic rolls for us.

 One lb, fzn ground turkey was stretched with shredded carrot, egg, homemade bread crumbs, spices to make patties for 6

large tossed salad with choice of dressing on the side.
 Dried spinach tortellini from the pantry, with the additon of chopped carrot/celery/onion
 simmered in homemade turkey broth and the cup of mixed, leftover corn and peas (see photo above this one) tossed in. This also became a snack for 2 and 2 lunches for me at work.

 Leftover, Sunday supper planned over: not much meat but I made it stretch to feed 6
 Over a bed of Basmati rice
 Canola oil was blended with some sesame oil, to keep costs in check yet add the extra flavor from the sesame oil; soy sauce from the older kids' take out as well as my own soy sauce were used
 onion, celery, frozen pepper strips were first sauteed, then the meat which I had slivered up, was added and warmed through
 here's someone's dinner plate. Note that I ended up adding a bag of fzn zucchini and summer squash (sale plus cpn deal) and then served some canned corn on the side to ensure that I had enough.

 1 15 oz can of pink salmon along with some spices, shredded carrot, egg, homemade bread crumbs from bread ends became salmon patties for 6
 served on 49 cent buns, with homemade tartar sauce
 French fries from Dollar tree-surprised to see that it's actually 32 oz.
Fzn mixed veggies, at $1/16 oz bag, these are a bargain

Traditional coleslaw, using some purchased (sale plus cpn deal) Marzetti's coleslaw dressing rounded out the menu.

The rest of the Aldi's fzn turkey meatballs (I am not a great fan, will stick with my own, homemade) were simmered all day in the Crock Pot with a jar of sauce (sale plus cpn) and a can of stewed tomatoes. This was served over Mueller's pot ready linguini (Dollar Tree deal). Fzn broccoli florettes (sale plus cpn) rounded out the meal.

 Pate Chinois, a French-Canadian version of sheppard's pie was made with a 50-50 combo of ground beef (usual recipe ingredient) and ground turkey as I didn't have a second tube of beef. It came out OK.
As is customary here, an apple-raisin coleslaw accompanied it. 

Since the oven was on, I also baked a pan of brownies. These go into the kids's school lunches.

 Leftover, fzn broccoli florettes became the inspiration for tonight's dinner for 4. I normally don't cook on Fridays, but with 4 home, I obviously did
 The rest of the Deli end, Boar's Head VA ham, along with the rest of some Spam, an onion, some green and orange, fzn pepper slices that I diced, were sauteed
 A sale plus cpn Pillsbury pie crust shell (cheaper than Aldi's)

Frozen, home shredded, Deli ends Swiss cheese
 My quiche batter of 5 eggs, 1/4 cup milk, pepper, French tarragon
 I lined the pie shell with the cooked vegetable-meat mixture and then topped it with the broccoli
 The batter was poured evenly
 I was generous and used a full cup of cheese (can get away with a LOT less)
Baked @ 400 degrees for 30 minutes, served with leftover, garlic and herb seasoned linguini noodles and some canned green beans.


Frugal in Bucks said...

Wow! You ha e a great set of photos there. I like your posts and I love working out what the equivalent ingredient is her in the uk as you have different names sometimes. We don't eat turkey because my parents once rescued one that was going to slaughter and they are really friendly. We use minced beef instead, I know it's still an animal but I don't feel so bad about it. The chicken Parmesan looks yummy, I will be trying that. Thanks . X

DW said...

Love the garlic crescent roll idea!