Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Woah! Just spotted some SIGNIFICANT price hikes

Long, long gone are the days when I could get a dozen large eggs for 67 cents at Xpect Discounts. I later was happy with $1/dozen. This past year has seen some real spikes in egg prices, and being a mostly from scratch cook, we go through a lot of eggs, especially as they are a relatively cheap source of protein, especially when compared to the cost of meat. I also can remember different sizes of eggs commonly being sold at the local grocer's: small, medium, large, Xlarge, Jumbo were all available. Now it seems to be that large is the go to size, with Xl often alongside as an option. Jumbo are even rarer to find and I never see small eggs anywhere, only medium eggs are offered at Dollar Tree. From my circa 1970's Home Economics classes, I know that if the price difference between to sizes of eggs is 12 cents or less, to go with the larger size eggs. My go to solution has been to grab Dollar Tree medium eggs, which have gone from a dozen to an 8 count package, and as of last night, when I stopped in for eggs, a 6 count. Just 2 weeks or less ago, they were still selling the  8 count packages, making a dozen medium eggs cost me $1.50. This is now 50 cents/dozen more expensive-a significant price increase! Aldi's next door has been selling eggs (large) at $1.69 and up. I grabbed 2, 6 count packages, then headed over to Aldi's for some additonal items. I found large eggs (only size offered) at $2.29. Sigh. So I after completing my shoppping at Aldi's, I returned to Dollar Tree and grabbed 4 more 6 count cartons of eggs. We will continue to use eggs in cooking, but I anticipate fewer egg based dishes. Pancakes/waffles/French toast which use 2 eggs a batch vs serving a dozen eggs (2 per person)will be chosen. Typically, due to working outside the home, I only serve eggs once a weekend for breakfast. I can see that I will get creative. Even my quiche only uses 4 eggs now, if I follow Frugal Queen's technique.

While at Aldi's (and at any store I do this), I checked out the price of their ground beef. Luckily, I recently stocked up for the upcoming month, including Christmas and New Years Eve special menus. If I recall correctly, I paid $2.99 a lb for frozen tubes of 85% ground beef, which was  cheaper option then their fresh, meat case ground beef at $3.49. Since I keep this meat frozen until needed, it made sense to buy it frozen and reap the savings. The $2.99 price was a recent jump from $2.49-the price it remained for a very long time. Compared to the $4.49-$6.49/lb price that Stop and Shop asks for their meat case, fresh ground beef, this was a really affordable choice for me, although I continued to tweak and reduce my use of ground beef in our menus. Shocker: this same, frozen tubes of ground beef are now $3.99/lb! Yes, still cheaper than other stores but $1/lb jump within a week of my last stock up purchases?

I am in the process of closing out the month of December, entering the new year without any credit card debt, any loans, and with a plan to stay on course for saving for our next forever home. I will continue my efforts to live carefully so as to meet this goal.


Shanna said...

I feel your pain on rising food prices. Our Aldi in Northern Indiana has had the frozen 1lb hamburger at $3.99lb for a long time & I mean a long time. So I was shocked to read yours was still $2.99lb until this wk.

Eggs at Aldi for wks leading up to Thanksgiving had been .49 doz. I grew to be very spoiled with that price. I have 2 boys 21 & 19 who can go thru 2/3 doz a wk. So I didn't mind that at that price but the following wk after Thanksgiving eggs were $1.59 doz. Sticker shock for me so told my boys they were cutting wayyyy back on eggs or they could buy their own!

Prices of hams were very disappointing also this yr. The cheapest here were $1.59lb for spiral & $1.29lb for shank. I bought one of each & that was it.

I just read a post by a woman on another blog that her brother works for a supermarket out in Cali & eggs are suppose to jump by another $1. Eggs will be scarce around here at those prices I'm afraid. I don't know if that was just for Cali or everywhere. What hasn't gone up in price :(

Stacie Jackson said...

My co-worker kept complaining to me recently about the price of eggs. I just didn't believe her when she said
they were now over $3 for a dozen. Well, imagine my surprise today while at the grocery store....$3.15!
I called her and we started joking that maybe these chickens went on strike or something. LOL!

I am in Ohio.

DW said...

Egg prices just jumped here, too. It was $1.69 at Aldi ... fortunately I bought several dozen on sale, so we're OK for a bit, but I don't think we'll be doing egg-heavy dishes any time soon.

Best price I found on ham was $1.29 lb for shank. As for beef, I told DH the other day that the cat now eats more beef (in canned food) than we do.