Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What's been cooking?

 Work/schhol night suppers so far this week:  Monday's fish dinner plan was scrapped as I still had some meatballs in sauce that had to be used. So, I cooked a package of fusilli to serve under them, opened and drained some French green beans, reheating them in the microwave

A tube of Grands biscuits were topped with a bit of soft margarine and some garlic-herb salt free seasoning sprinkled on top to make a garlic roll side.
 Tuesday's Crock Pot dinner: stuffed peppercups *(using fzn, multi colored peppercups I prepared this Fall/Summer)with brown rice/onion/ground beef/the rest of the meatballs smashed up/Italian cheese blend. I cook these still frozen and they come out perfect!Side vegetable was drained, canned corn-again turning to the microwave to reheat it. I did use a pint of home canned tomato sauce in the bottom of the pot, and found that this was really liquidy. I strained it, added the leftover bits of rice/meat that got lost in the CP and poured that over the one remaining peppercup that I had for lunch today. The remaining strained tomato sauce was saved for tonight.
I used the aforementioned tomato sauce along with the pan drippings from a recent roast beef, along with an aeseptic carton of beef stock, additional water, carrots/onion/celery, spices to make a tasty soup to which I added one pkg of dried tortellinis (mushroom variety) and some chopped, organic Swiss chard at the end.

 Yum! That will become my lunch for tomorrow.

So, we continue to make efforts to avoid food waste and to eat what's on hand.

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