Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tuesday's planned over meal: a special treat for us

 Planned overs: some of the Christmas day ham was portioned out and cubed ahead of time for Tuesday's supper: homemade macaroni and cheese, using a combination of shredded cheese ends (I am out now, except for a bit of Provolone-so Deli ends are on my list today), and the aforementioned ham. Fluid milk prices are again rising, cheapest at Aldi's was $2.89 this week, so now I have to explore the price of 5 gallon boxes of instant milk (Shoprite store brand is what I have used for years, making the sale price $2.42 gallon for milk as a comparison). I made a double batch, as always, and there is only one lunch sized container left. : )
A bag of frozen broccoli florettes (I prefer not to use steam bags, transfering the food to a Pyrex dish instead)that I got by combining a sale plus a coupon, was cooked in the microwave. A green salad (mixed baby lettuces, black olives, chopped tomato) with choice of homemade dressings was also available.


Julie Vidani said...

isn't it strange that milk is now more expensive per gallon than gasoline?

mikemax said...

What's for dinner? Same thing you are having! I cooked double the last time I made mac and cheese (with ham cubes!) and I am thawing the second half of it right now. Macaroni and cheese is not supposed to freeze well, but it is just fine if it has a lot of sauce. It's New Year's Eve and I'm taking a break from cooking. I'll make a green salad, and that will be IT. Happy New Year, Carol.

DW said...

I don't buy the steam bags either ... unless it's a really good deal. Most of the ones I've seen are 10-12 ounces, compared with the 16 oz regular bags.