Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This is for Udy with a J-my trip to Shoprite today


I made my way through traffic, crazy impatient, careless, rude and obnoxious drivers over to Shoprite after my physical therapy appointment this morning. Ugh! List in hand, I took advantage of several early Can Can specials, checked the price of a 5 gallons equivalent box of their instant milk (still $15.99 so no go), and inquired about non American cheese ends. Here is what I came home with:

6 cans cream corn
6 cans kernal corn
6 cans Fr style green beans
6 cans cut green beans
6 cans kidney beans
6 cans black beans
6 cans pinto beans
1 jar chilli sauce
2 jars sweet mix pickles (hard to find!)
2 boxes medium shell pasta
2 boxes spaghetti
2 boxes penne rigati
1 lb ground pork

1 Deli end package of pancetta (I am thinking quiche)

1 Deli end package of Swiss cheese

1 Deli end package of Provolone
5 lbs white potatoes
1 pkg store brand amodeum

I spent $44.65. Although I am reigning in the purse strings, I would be foolish NOT to stock up at those prices. The gr beans and corn were 33 each, the kidney/black/pinto beans were 49 ea, pasta was 59 each. My Deli ends, I've mentioned before. I got about 2 lbs combined of cheese, @ $2.99/lb, hand shredded it on my box grater and it's now stored in baggies, with the type of cheese labeled in a Sharpie outside the baggie. 2 types of Provolone are on special at the Deli this week, selling at $5.99 and $6.99. The ends at the much lower price work just as well on my pizza, baked pasta dishes. The Swiss is on sale also @ $7.99-again my lower priced ends work well in quiche, mac n cheese, omelettes, etc. I just finished most of my frozen shredded cheeses, so returning to SR and getting more was on my list. Glad to have met that goal, confident that I would as they had several promotions running for the cheeses I sought.

Miss hearing from you, Miss Judy. Hope that all is well, may the new year bring you many blessings!


young77 said...

Once again, you scored! Where do you find deli ends of cheese? I asked at the mkt I go to most often and the woman working in the deli said they throw them away. I'm hoping that's not true and she just didn't understand me. This is the store where I'm most successful in finding markdowns. Suggestions? Thanks, Shirley

Baroness Prudent Spending said...

I too miss Judy! Hope one day she is in a good place to start blogging again.

Happy New Year Carol! I hope 2015 is wonderful for you and your family.
~ Pru

Belinda said...

Great prices and deals! I would have stocked up at those prices too. I found somer Havarti cheese the other day at a great price, so I bought several packages, not knowing if we would like it or not. We ended up liking it, so I'm glad I stocked up on it when I had the chance.

CTMOM said...

I've asked at every market I shop at, and Shoprite is the only one that sells what I call "Deli ends." I'd return to your market, again ask at the Deli counter if they would sell them. If you get declined again,and told that they are thrown out, I'd ask to speak with the Deli manager, if there is one, or the general store manager about this. Express your interest in purchasing the Deli ends, and if this is a new idea to the manager in question, also ask how much would be charged. Can't hurt to ask, as the worst case scenario is that they would decline once again. The store may also be using them in their prepared, deli salads which they sell to the customers-just a thought. Good luck! This is just one of my tricks to keep good cheese in our diet. I don't care for American cheese, and grew up with the real stuff. Can you tell that I am from a French family? : )

CTMOM said...

Happy New Year Pru!

CTMOM said...

Belinda, we like Havarti as well, it's a nice, creamy cheese. I especially like Havarti with dill-eother sliced on turkey sandwiches, or in a quiche (pairs well with ham, broccoli/cauliflower). It freezes well, BTW. Agree,it saves in the long run to stock up when a deal is found. My cellar pantry shelves were starting to thin out quite a bit, as my CSA is over until Spring, and we turn to home stored foods over fresh, as costs just escalate come Fall/Winter and I refuse to purchase imported and non seasonal produce. We continue to eat well, IMO.