Saturday, December 20, 2014

So what's been cooking?

 Even though we had pasta earlier in the week, I stuck with the plan and cooked ziti. I was originally going to serve it as a vegetarian dish, topped with cheese and baked off, but instead grabbed 2 links of sweet Italian sausage and made a quick, chunky, vegetable loaded sauce. Came out really good. Frozen CA blend veggies on the side.
Keeping with eating as low cost as possible, yet with quality  in mind, I baked 2 loaves of white sandwich bread. We had used up all of the rarely found here, store purchased bread that was on sale BOGO and I had stacked coupons on top of that, storing these affordable loaves in the stand freezer. I refuse to spend $4 for the quality of bread I prefer so I make my own.

We had an ER visit on Thursday night: older DS had his first killer migraine. He's had migraine's before, but never like this one: acute pain, numbness in right arm and leg, really slurred speech, nausea.  Now he understands when I tell him that I have "one of my headaches." : (
Blood work, CAT scan, EKG done just to be on the safe side. RX meds to get him through, should he have another killer one; meanwhile, I need to set up an appointment with a local neurologist. We also discussed the importance of having a regular sleep schedule, and eating schedule.

I went to work Fri, having slept only 4 hours the night before. I made it through the day, but the homemade pizza plan was scrapped, I ordered pizzas from the local, Greek pizzeria instead. I knew that I still had restaurant $ in my Dec budget, and any overage can be applied to Jan. We ate, I hit the bed at 9 p.m., sleeping in until 7 a.m.-unheard of for me!

I will be out this morning to the city as DS has a lesson and another needs a haircut, so I will complete what little grocery shopping I need, at the same time. Trying to stick with what is on hand, this morning's breakfast offerings were oatmeal from the canister (cooked in microwave in 2 minutes), Raisin bran cereal for me. OJ, cocoa and coffee were the beverage choices. I am pushing the cold cereal, we've out of packet oats-if kidlet will eat the canister ones with my own brown sugar and cinnamon added-that's a significant savings for me.

I have some fresh fruit that needs to be used up, so apples and bananas will somehow make it into today's baking.


Florence said...

I've never had a migraine but my daughter has them so you and your DS have my sympathy! Imitrex works most of the time but she ended up in the ER twice last year. Hope you and your family have a peaceful, happy Christmas.

Belinda said...

I'm sorry your son was sick with a migraine. What awful symptoms. :( Glad he was able to get meds for that.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I was a migraine sufferer for years and have had "killer" ones before also. Since I retired, I have had very, very few and even if I have one, it's no where near as bad as they once were. Which tells me mine were mostly stress caused--not a surprise at all. I just had to be busy with something to do every evening, and I could count on one after a bout a week like that. And since I have high blood pressure, none of the migraine meds were suitable for me. My doctor would give me a shot in the office if it was during office hours. Otherwise I went to bed with Tylenol w/codeine, or to the ER if it got really bad. OF course, even the shot in the office required another adult to drive me home--not always convenient. I agree that eating and sleeping regularly helps---and stress relief!!

Patti said...

I have had complex migraines for years, but since I gave up wheat they are few and far between.
Take care.