Sunday, December 14, 2014

So just what did I buy yesterday?


Yesterday's multiple store shopping expedition brought the following to our home:

Stop and Shop: fresh OJ, 2 lbs stick margarine, 1 bottle cranberry-tangerine juice (Xmas), 2 pkgs peppermint chocolate kisses (Xmas cookies), 5 lbs Rye flour, 2 boxes store brand protein granola bars, ritz crackers (Xmas0, 2 lbs ground pork (Xmas/New Years), butt ham (Xmas), shank ham, center cut pork chops, cantaloupe, plus multiple Xmas gifts that I can't mention.

Aldi's: 2 bags tortilla chips, 18 count pkg toilet paper, 6 lbs ground beef (4 of which are for Xmas and New years), 2 lbs butter (Xmas cookies), 2 boxes cocoa packets, 2 boxes yellow cake mix (Xmas and New Years), 2 boxes tissues, 4 cans kidney beans, 4 cans mushrooms, "cheez it" crackers, 2 fzn oj, 2 bottles cocktail sauce (Xmas and New Years), minced onion, 2 lbs shrimp (Xmas and New Years)kosher pickles (Xmas and New years), fancy crackers (Xmas), a few Xmas gifts I can't mention.

Xpect Discounts: gallon bleach, bird seed, ice melt, 2 pints heavy cream, 2 tubs cottage cheese, jar of German pickles (Xmas and New Years), more Xmas gifts that I can't mention.

Dollar Tree: 2 8 ct cartons eggs, 4 pkgs mini chocolate bars.

Previously, I stocked up on cheese, pie crusts, mini hot dog sausages, etc. Hopefully, there will be very little, if anything that I'll need to buy over these next few weeks. I really want to stay away from the crowds.

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