Thursday, December 18, 2014

Practical purchases


About a week ago, I got absolutely drenched, down to the skin, from torrential rain. Although wearing a 3/4 length coat, my legs from above the knee to the ankles were soaked through my gaberdine pants, and I even had water in my shoes. : (

Granted, this was an unusual, Nor'easter rain storm, but I decided as I drove home that this wouldn't happen again to me. While Hunter brand wellies are all the range, I simply can't see plunking down $150 or more for rubber boots! Nor do I want to invest in cheapo ones that disappoint. I want quality, my feet stopped growing a long time ago, so these may just end up lasting many, many years. I chanced a look at Target to see what boots they carry (using the Internet), and found what appear to be cousins to the pricier Hunter brand: Joules, a British company. Having read some excellent reviews, I went ahead and ordered them. I really wanted a plain, black pair which they were sold out of, so I ended up with a pair of Navy with a floral print.(|All|matchallpartial|all+categories) Naturally, there is now a 30% off promotion, so I will order a second set, and return my original ones, saving $21 in the process. I am often in the area of Target, so this won't cause any hardship on my part.

I do want to get some fleece liners for them, and naturally, Target is out of stock. I could order them from Joules but the shipping would make them very expensive, so I wait.

These fit well, are very well made, and should last me quite some time. I've been wanting a pair especially when I go over to the farm. The ease of simply washing off boots with a rubber hose certainly has it's appeal!

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