Friday, December 12, 2014

January 2015 menus


Newly gifted 2015 calendar in hand, DD and I figured out our dinner menus for the upcoming, new month of January. We continue to focus on using what is on hand, especially as we no longer are picking up CSA shares, so we use what we've got, and replenish as needed.

1-Roast turkey dinner (use fzn whole bird), stuffing, baked squash, cranberry sauce
2-planned overs: turkey tettrazini
3-planned overs: turkey noodle soup, crackers
4-roast pork (fzn boneless loin), egg noodles, canned beets, squash, apple sauce
5-salmon cakes (use canned red salmon), steamed carrots with fzn peas, coleslaw
6-Crock pot lentil-pinto chilli; homemade Southern style buttermilk cornbread
8-frozen stir fry veggies over Basmatti rice
10-homemade clam chowder (used canned clams), saltines
11-roast chicken (use fzn whole), stuffing mix, canned green beans
12-tuna casserole, coleslaw
13-Crock Pot stuffed peppers (use fzn pepper cups, fzn ground beef), salad
15-quiche (type TBD, use fzn shredded cheese), salad
16-pate chinois (use fzn beef), apple raisin coleslaw
17-chicken noodle soup, crackers
18-marinated, broiled London Broil (fzn), scallopped  potatoe mix, fzn peas with fzn creamed onions
19-tuna cakes (use canned albacore in oil), brown rice, canned corn
20-sausage (fzn) hot pot (Froogs recipe)
22-Sheppardess pie with lentils (use instant potatoes, top with fzn shredded cheese), green salad
24-potage Saint Germain (use fzn ham bone), biscuits
25-pork stew (use fzn cubed meat)
26-horseradish crusted fish tillets (fzn), fzn CA blend veggies, garlic noodles (use Mueller's pot ready linguini, dress cooked pasta with butter/margarine and salt free, garlic-herb seasoning blend)
27-hamburger* and macaroni (use *fzn Italian sausages instead), fzn broccoli
29-homemade macaroni and cheese (use fzn shredded cheese)
31-navy bean soup, crackers

I am keeping a keen eye on expenses. We splurged for Thanksgiving, and I've budgeted for my extra expenses for Christmas dinner, any charges to my Credit card will be paid off in full as always. I like starting the new year with no additional debt to worry over. If I don't have the funds, I simply don't buy it is my mantra, unless it is an emergency need, such as a tire, but then again,  I try to pad my budget for these type of common emergencies.

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Belinda said...

If I don't have the funds, I simply don't buy it is my mantra,

We follow the same mantra here. Makes life less stressful. :)