Thursday, December 25, 2014

It was a Merry Christmas!

While most of our celebration occurred last night, we still had a low key, Christmas lunch with just 4 of us, as the twins are spending the day with Dad.

 Here's the ham I bought a few weeks ago. I had waited for a "decent" price, traditionally paying 99-$1.19/lb for shank hams. I finally did get one (shank ham) for that price, and it's frozen. I also grabbed a butt portion ham, which was for our Christmas luncheon, with planned overs for tomorrow. I  paid either $1.29  for this ham.
 I simply studded it with whole cloves and then baked it off @ 350 F for 1 1/2 hours, slathering a mixture of Guldens spicy brown mustard and brown sugar over some pineapple slices, after 1 hour,, then allowing it to finish off. An easy-peasy meal.
 Mashed potatoes
 A slight splurge: steamed, fresh green beans. While many were reaching for imported asparagus, I grabbed grown in USA beans, I assume from the South. They tasted so good!
 My lunch plate.
 A last aka "quasi late" gift to DD: a fleece, owl themed pillow that is covered in Minky fleece on the backside that I made this afternoon (we opened/exchanged our gifts last night)
 I actually got this fabric (remenants it appears) from someone in town off of our local Facebook tagsale page for free this Summer. I even used a salvaged zipper that I had in my stash and a new pillow form that I also already owned. A free gift. I like that the cover can easily be removed for laundering. DD was very pleased.
The older kids have joined the twins at Dad's for an evening Christmas dinner, and will return with the younger set tonight. Meanwhile, I am relishing the quiet with the cats who are all off sleeping somewhere. My supper tonight: leftover tourtiere, dilled pickles and cornichons, leftover steamed green beans. I am quite satisfied with this.

Naturally, I poured the steam water from the green beans into the roaster pan used for the ham and made this stock. I am sure that it'll be added to a future soup.

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Belinda said...

Sounds like you had a nice Christmas, Carol. :)

The owl pillow is adorable. My daughter is into owls and would love that. I happened to come across a lot of fabric blocks almost like fat quarters, so I will be using them in some form soon. I like the idea of the pillow. :)