Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas shopping 2014


I have always aimed to complete actual Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving. I simply do not like the rude crowds, the stress. Somehow, I missed my personal deadline this year, so I came up with a divide and conquer plan, which I executed well. After work Friday, I went to a city South of here to  purchase some Bay leaves, as well as to get a gift card. Done.

Today found me in the city  North of here, running errands but also whittling away at my list of Christmas purchases, including food items that I had patiently been waiting for a better deal on. This paid off for me, and I was able to get a butt portion ham for Christmas day's dinner as well as a shank ham for the freezer. I paid $1.19/lb for the shank, $1.29 for the butt ham. Fair prices. The bulk of my purchases are completed, I now need to double check my tallies, as well as what I have stashed away. At the worst, I must be 98% done, there may be a small stocking stuffer or 2 to get, but I really sense that I am DONE.

I took the opportunity to grab my needed ingredients for the upcoming month of January, as well as the rest of the Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/New Years Eve foods that will be needed. The grocery stores weren't all that busy, everyone seemed to be at the Mall, as I drove right by.

Xpect Discounts: $36.20 Xmas, $41.36 groceries
Stop & Shop: $118.99 Xmas, $46.50 groceries
Aldi's: $7.98 Xmas, $75.08 groceries
Dollar Tree: $6.25 groceries

Glad to be ending the month well prepared for the upcoming holidays, and the new month as well. I remain at/below budget so far (I had a specific price point on my lists). My credit card will be paid off as usual, and I will enter January without debt knocking on the door.

Now I can focus on getting my few cards mailed, the gifts wrapped, the tree decorated, the baking done, the sewing projects completed. I do this at my pace, not the frenzied one that I witness everywhere.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

I was going to post my totals for this week but my receipt has wandered away: it was $247 before coupons and bonus card were subtracted, $176 after. That included 3 Christmas gifts (some Burt's Bees products for two of my friends, and a box of candy for my son in law.) The Burt's Bees were a bit pricey even on sale and with a coupon, but it was the END of my list and saved me a trip to the mall so I splurged a bit. Shopping done. The supermarket had great BOGO deals this week and some great stock up with coupon deals too, and four dollar doubler coupons (making the $1 off coupons $2 off.) My usual weekly total is $75-100 including pet supplies, health and beauty and cleaning, so I was stretching the budget. I bit the bullet and bought 2 chuck roasts at $5.99 a lb--against my better judgment--but we hadn't had pot roast in forever, and I wanted some. The first one I cooked was mighty small but I stretched it to two meals anyhow, and also spent about $13 on apples--two kinds--which is awfully high for an apple growing region price. I made the whole tote of Cortlands into hm applesauce. I've missed out on marked down produce because of going to the gym before shopping--but I'm not doing it again. I need those marked down items and will have to fine tune my schedule so I'm not getting there too late to snatch them up. I have all but a few fresh items for the Christmas meals, though, so next week should be just a brief stop. My best buy was 4 lbs of thin spaghetti for 65 cents a lb. but I also got 4 lbs of brown rice on BOGO. Tomorrow I plan on writing some of the few cards I will send--tried to do it between laundry loads today but only finished 7 cards. I'm in good shape so far this year, although saying so is risking getting a cold or the flu before Christmas!!