Monday, December 29, 2014

Fish on Monday: turning to the pantry shelves

A quick and simple, fish based supper tonight: creamed tuna using my last can of cream of shrimp soup (ridiculously expensive stuff! I know that I bought a few cans a while back, combining a sale plus coupon to bring the price down). This will be served over brown rice (see large, metal coffee can turned storage container), green beans on the side (I am out of fzn peas which I would have preferred).

I am also thinking that a green salad would round the meal out nicely.


young77 said...

As usual, Carol, I'm impressed with your organization skills! And, once again you reminded me to use what's on hand before shopping again.

In Sept.I had my second knee replacement surgery and am doing great - easier and faster healing than in 2012. I had lots of food in the freezer as I live alone and wanted easy meals. Friends brought me lots more food so I ended up with too much food waste, too. Thanks to your reminder I will be using what's in the freezer and cupboards. I don't think I will need to go to the store for quite some time.


CTMOM said...

Sorry to hear about your surgery; glad it went well and you are recovering nicely. Nice of your friends to bring you some meals. Yes, eating what is on hand, hopefully bought at reasonable* prices, is a budget saver. Just fill in with must haves, planning on a once a week shopping trip, if possible. Less steps inside a shop=more money in your wallet!

happy New Year!

young77 said...

Thanks, Carol, my surgery was necessary and planned. I am going to AZ to visit my son over Easter - now I can walk. : )

About "reasonable prices" I'm in love with orange stickers - Manager's Specials! Most of what I put in my cart has the color orange on it! I just have to remember "Use what I have on hand!Keep reminding us. Shirley