Monday, December 22, 2014

Fish on Monday and a freebie

 The eat what you have theme continue: I only had one can of mixed vegetables, so I paired it with a can of green beans.
 Having drained both cans, the vegetables were Doctored up a bit with a generous pat of butter, some black pepper.These were reheated in the microwave.
 My can of brown rice-a former coffee can that I saved before the company went to paperboard sides.
 Some homemade chicken stock, a pat of butter, some salt free garlic and herb seasoning to Doctor up the brown rice.
 Tilapia fillets that defrosted overnight, seasoned with bottled lemon juice and Penzey's Fox Point seasoning.

Dinner lacked some color, but the mixed vegetatbles really helped to keep the supper plate appealing.
A Christmas gift from a British student: homemade English short bread-yum! I can't wait to have some with a cup of tea.