Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Energy efficiency is a real help to my budget

Image: http://www.seattle.gov/light/Images/cv5fcc_b.gif

Here were my heating oil charges the past 2 years at the former rental:

Nov 17-Dec 12 2012 used 175.5 gallons @ $3.79/gal    $666.72 (26 days = 6.8 gallons/day)

Dec 13-Dec 27 2012 used 106.5 gallons @ $3.79/gal    $404.59 (14 days = 7.6 gallons/day)

Oct 26-Nov 25 used 152.8 gallons @ $3.79/gallon $580.49 /31 days = 4.9 gallons/day
Nov 26-Dec 18 used 155.4 gallons @ $3.89/gallon $605.90/23 days = 6.8 gallons/day
Dec 19-Jan 6 used 140.3 gallons @ $3.99/gallon $561.06/18 days =7.79/gallons/day 

We just got our second delivery at this new rental:

Nov 12-Dec 30 used 132.4 gallons @ $2.59/gallon $342.92/49 days = 2.7 gallons/day. On average, 2 gallons were needed just for heating water at the old rental, while ONE gallon seems to do the trick here AND 2 more people were added to the  family when we moved here. Factor that out of the figures above, and the former rental used 6.2 gallons the first year and 4.5 gallons the second to heat the house, but keeping the house COLD.  (55 at night and when not home, 62-64 when home, but usually in one zone (the main bedrooms). The wood stove help immensely at the other place, as did my divide and conquor efforts the second year, making insulated panel curtains for doorways, windows.

Granted, we've had unusually warm weather here, and we have yet to use the wood stove, which I do want to take advantage of especially as I have invested in a cord of firewood. It's in part for energy conservation as well as emergency preparedness. Still, I am thrilled to be using on average 0.7 gallons/day to heat THIS rental, and at a higher temperature. We are/have been very comfortable. 

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Theresa F said...

WOW it was expensive at your last home. We use natural gas and it is no where near that costly. Glad your new home is so much more affordable.