Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Eating seasonally this time of year in New England

 Eating fresh produce come November in New England is a real challenge. I was raised to and I continue to eat seasonally. Gardens are finished. So I turn to commercially and home canned as well as frozen alternatives. I am also known to add a spoonful of jam (homemade preserves) in lieu of fresh fruit, to my yogurt, in a pinch. My physical activity has been hampered due to an Achilles tendon injury in August, and I remain on restrictions. Finding that some clothes have started to get a bit snug, I am being proactive and limiting my consumption of carbs, in particular, bread. In lieu of my usual 2 slices of toast in the morning, I've been taking a cup of low fat, vanilla yogurt and some fruit instead. I have a cup of water and a cup of OJ every morning before leaving the house, and consume about 2 cups of coffee while I commute. I have my simple bfst once I get to work. I still have a few medium sized cans of juice pack fruit on the cellar shelves aka "my pantry." Other current options are Texas red grapefruits that I bought as a school fundraiser, some fresh apples, oranges, a cantaloupe (loss leader), bananas. In the fresh vegetable department: potatoes, garlic, onions, Winter squash, celery, carrots, cabbage, mixed baby salad greens, tomatoes, chard, kholrabi, collards.
 I did grab my last crash and burn can, however, this past week. Pineapple at 64 cents is unheard of! Knowing that affordable fruit/vegetable options will be few, I tend to get resourceful. Dried and frozen fruits/vegetables will replace where fresh have been served for the most part since June. Squash muffins? date muffins? cranberry bread? are what we'll see.
Luckily, this beautiful fruit basket was delivered as a Christmas gift yesterday. Besides grapefruit, oranges, apples, pears, kiwi, and a mango, we received coffee, water crackers, 3 types cheese, 3 types nuts. Very, very nice.

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Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Carol I love how you always eat seasonally. Something I aim for but don't always accomplish. ~ Pru