Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2015


No, not a typo, but I am already thinking of NEXT year's Christmas.

Wrapping paper:
As I wrapped gifts this year, I made a concerted effort to use up what I call "open" rolls of Christmas wrapping paper.  I STILL have enough on hand for easily 2 more Christmases. I have decided that once the stockpile is gone, I will replenish with solid colored paper that can be used for any occassion (therefor reducing my stockpile of birthday/other occassion wrapping paper at the same time). I am really looking to downsize "stuff" and simplify.

Gift bags: while we do have Christmas stockings for the kids for decorative purposes, I fill medium sized paper bags aka "stocking bags" instead. I had plenty and discovered on Christmas Eve that DD had used them for her gift giving so I purchased a few more to complete my needs for this year. Again, solid colors that can easily go to all occassion, if needed. Naturally, the Dollar Tree was my source. As pretty as the Hallmark store ones are, I can't see spending $$ on a bag for a gift.

Ribbons and bows:
Although I do have a ton of ribbons and bows, I tend not to use them. Need to either do so, or sell them off/donate them.

Tissue paper: still have some left, will pick up one package next year, if I don't gleam enough over the course of this year. I tend to save tissue paper when we get it.

Gift boxes: I had plenty of re-used boxes as well as several bundle packages of brand new boxes. I also tend to use whatever boxes I have on hand, if an appropriate size. I have saved the bulk of the ones used this year, and will return them to storage.

Cards: I still have some, have yet to mail out the few holiday cards that I intend to send to older relatives, enclosing the youngest's school photos as I do. This is a dying tradition, especially in light of Facebook and the cost of postage.

Decorations: we have plenty, and were lucky to get a free, live tree from the tree farm where DS # 1 works a seasonal job every year. He may/not be there again next year. I will budget for the cost of a live tree, and reap the savings if it turns out that we don't need to purchase one.

So NO, I will not be picking up any clearanced supplies tomorrow and I am quite content to sit home, do some baking I have yet to get to, and enjoy the time home with my kids.

Next year will again be a modest Christmas on a budget.Lots of consumables, practical gifts, homemade gifts, token gifts. Dinner will be at home, using bought on sale (if at all possible) ingredients. Not sure where we will be residing (LL commited to one year, minimally) and the stairs are killing me, although the location is ideal. Nor am I sure what the "family" will look like. We take it one step at a time. : )

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Belinda said...

Not sure if you are interested or not, but I rcvd a Current catalog in the mail yesterday. They have 100 sheets of tissue paper on after Christmas clearance for $4.99 if you are interested. :);jsessionid=110260E46F817DD6C600873B64F125E6.currentusa-productionv596-b2c-i10?sortby=bestSellers