Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas 2014


Seems like there is such a rush to get ready for Christmas, and I have been dragging my feet a bit. Not sure why-exhaustion from increased work demands? stress? Shrug. Still need to get this together in as calm a way as possible so as to get the most out of it. I hate shopping this time of year, the crowds, rude people-it's a stress I can avoid, willingly. Normally, I am done with my physical shopping by Thanksgiving. Didn't meet that goal this year, but I've made a plan of attack, and whittled away at tasks to be done.

I only shop now for 6 people. Other than the last minute (hope to address those this week) stocking stuffers, and some gift cards, as of this morning, I am done with the shopping. I have on line shopped a lot, taking advantage of discounts, free shipping. What few cards I will send (older relatives mostly) will include school photos of the youngest 2. I've already tipped my hair dresser, don't plan on tipping anyone else.

Our menus are set for both Christmas Eve as well as Christmas day. While I will turn to a lot of already purchased food stuffs on hand, there is a small list of items that will be purchased. Ham, large shrimp immediately come to mind. Cheapest price for butt/shank hams has been $1.59/lb so far. I am holding out a bit longer, hoping to get a better deal.

I have a set budget and expect to come in/under that set amount when all is said and done. I do have some wiggle room this year, as the cost for a fresh Christmas tree is removed, due to DS #1 working at a tree farm. We will get a freebie this year. All decorations are what is on hand.

How are your Christmas plans coming along?

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Doing quite well on Christmas stuff this year. I have a few things I still need to pick up but know what I want. Some gifts are wrapped, most are bought or ordered, Cookies will be made the last week before the holiday. Hope to have the wrapping done by then. I do send a few cards and I don't have them addressed yet--got a new computer this year and have no program to do labels that I'm aware of. Might just write them by hand. The outside lights are up and the tree is up. More decorations need to come out. My family has chosen to have lasagna for Christmas dinner for about the 4th year in a row. Lasagna, salad and cookies for dessert is easy to make. DD will supply locally made premium ice cream with the cookies I make. (I only do about 5 kinds these days.)
It's my turn to host my family during the week between Christmas and New Years---that can be anywhere from 8-15 people and involves a meal--usually buffet style, nothing difficult. The date will not be determined until the last minute due to my sisters' schedules, not mine!

Hoping no colds or flu bugs come out way.