Saturday, December 27, 2014

Change in plan: C.O.R.N.

 No Saturday soup tonight, too many leftovers that simply have got to go!
I chose a burger on a toasted roll, some mixed vegetables. Simple.


Anonymous said...

We did the same thing tonight. I also packed two lunches for my sister for next week.

On the taxable -- I'm not familiar with CT's tax rules. Do you not pay tax on food too?

CTMOM said...

Shara, food is not taxed in CT, unless it is candy, soda or take out/prepared foods.

Nancy said...

Here in Ohio we now pay tax on any 'juice' that is not 100% fruit juice. This means the ruby red grapefruit juice at Aldi is taxable but the 100% apple or grape or cranberry is not. I still count it as food & not as a taxable item in my budget.

CTMOM said...

Nancy, I would agree that juice or juice cocktail if how it has to be classified, is "food." What I consider taxables is anything not eaten such as cleaning products, health and beauty aides, paper goods.