Saturday, December 6, 2014

Been so busy!


NO worries, as I have been failing to blog during the work weeks-I am simply beyond busy with increassed work demands, coupled with after work commitments. All is well. : )   Thanks to those who have reached out to check.

Medical update: I returned to my orthopedist/hand specialist for my last visit as a follow up to the July surgery. All is well, I am now left with what I have and have to continue to learn to adjust. It's a disablility, but it could be worse. I also reviewed my last shoulder surgery with him, as I continue to have issues. We are tentatively planning a second repair this Summer. Nothing urgent, just he should have fixed something that didn't seem as bad as the MRI showed, as the location was hidden once he was performing surgery. I remain very confident in his skills. Additionally, I asked him about my ankle (2 tendons with multiple, small tears). THe other orthopedist in the practice that I was seeing about the ankle, after having a MRI which shows the multiple tears, is insisting that I see the ankle specialist in the practice. I did see him once, he did accurately DX my arthritis, but it wasn't a good fit with personalities-and I can pretty much get along with anyone. So, I put my big girl panties on, and made an appointment to see him again, for both a follow up on the arthritis as well as to get his opinion on what to do about the ankle. It IS my right foot, so surgery would be really disabling. Ugh. Praying for a wrap/lace up bootie of some sort. I did ask my beloved hand surgeon if the ankle and shoulder could be done at the same time. Issue for him, initially, is whether or not I can put weight on the ankle if not, no shoulder surgery for me. He left it that yes, he agrees that I should see their ankle guy, understanding my lack of enthousiasm as far as demeanor (they've heard it before), but to then call him (my hand surgeon) and tell him what ankle guy says. Meanwhile,. I have another ankle MD in the city South of here that I can consult, should it come to that.  Sigh. I hate getting older.

The home front: we are enjoying this new to us rental, it's energy efficient, has it's problems (kitchen corner sink, no sink in laundry room or elsehwhere in basement) but more significant is the stairs. We use the garage a lot, especially now that it's colder, to enter/exit the home that is built into the side of a hill. Stairs up to main level, more stairs up to bedrooms. It's taxing. The LL commited to a one year lease, while I don't relish the idea of having to move again, I keep my options open, my ear to the ground. I just need one more year (and 1/2 school wise) to get the youngest out of school, and the divorce decree expires. It's complicated, so I'll leave it at that. I can then go as I please, with no fuss. I already know that I most likley will not buy in this town, it's simply too expensive. A 3 bed/2 bath on a 1/2 acrea would suit me just fine. There are several nearby towns/cities that I would easily consider moving to. Meanwhile, we are happy here.  We do find that the windows, even though replacement windows, are cold. Closing the lined drapes in the dining room and living room every day @ 4 p.m. is making those rooms more comfortable. I bought some tape to apply some existing 6 ml poly plastic I have over the whole house attic fan, to eliminate that draft down into the second story.

 I bought some Eclipse brand, thermal drapes in navy with a navy circle over navy print for both the twins and DD's rooms,figuring that our next residence may find us with a room with 2 windows which would require 4 panels. Rather than have 2 panels of 2 different fabrics, I felt that this was a safer investment. The drape panels were $49.99 each on sale 40% off @ $29.99, but I used an additional 15% off promo and paid $108.43 for the 4 drape panels, out the door,  including tax. Not bad. I first have been scouring the second hand market with no luck.

I did find some things that I have been watching for:

 a cotton bath mat for the main bathroom,

and a cream colored, bath towel. We have several towels that are on their last legs, so grabbing a neutral towel when I see it, makes sense. I also came home with this:
 Looks like it was used once (the crock liner was a bit dirty, but the metal shell is pristine inside and out)

A like new, Crock Pot for $2.99. I had to ask the price and when the attendant at Salvation Army gave me that price, I said, "Sold." My other, almost 30 year old, average sized Crock Pot is on borrowed time. Best to grab this cheap replacement when I see it. I use my Crock Pots weekly.

Personal care: I had my monthly hair cut/color appointment today, and gave my stylist an extra nice tip for Christmas. DS # 1 is back to his seasonal, extra job at the Christmas tree farm, and mentioned that he only has the one pair of long John bottoms

so I sought out and found him a like new pair of navy blue ones @ Savers for $1.49. Works.

Groceries: No longer having the weekly CSA, I certainly do miss my trips and pickups. I was in the city mid week, so I stopped in at Price Rite and grabbed: maple brown sugar oat packets, 2 box brownie mixes, 10 lbs potatoes ($2.69), 4 decent tomatoes, spring salad mix, 4 lbs CA navel oranges ($2.99), bananas (49/lb), 5 lbs Gala apples (huge sized @ $3.99/bag), a 2 qt container of 1/2 & 1/2, Parmesan cheese, 2 gallons milk, 5 lbs carrots @ $1.99.  $37.33 for a mid week top up.

Today also found me at Shoprite to grab some specials, including one on pork that I failed to notice as I poured over the ad: 20 lbs unbleached AP flour @ $1.69 ea, 8 cans albacore @ 99 cents ea, gallon Canola @ $4.99, 41 lb blocks mozzarella @ $1.99 ea, a whole boneless pork loin (now 2 large roasts, 6 chops, a lb or so of stew meat) @ $1.29/ln, CA navels, 8 8 oz bags Ital shredded cheese @ $1.47/bag, 8 blocks of cheeses (sharp Cheddar, Jack, pepper jack etc) also on sale @ $1.47, 3 lbs ricotta, 3 pkgs of Deli meat ends (all Boars Head VA ham, now cubbed for recipes), and 1 pkg of Deli cheese ends. These now go for $2.99/lb but are still an economical way for me to continue to use "real Cheese" that perhaps I couldn't afford otherwise..  $82.69 out the door.
Next food stop today: Aldi's for cold cuts (bologna, salami, ham, turkey breast), milk, eggs, tissues, more 1/2 & 1/2, 2 Rye bread and 2 each of whole wheat and 12 grain (marked to 90 cents/loaf-I can't make that for that price! these are the good loaves, not the fluffier bread), hamburger buns on a similar discount @ 49/pkg-and these are well in date!, Oj, coffee, chunk lite tuna, assorted bottled juices: cranberry, apple, "splash", ruby red; onions. I spent $57.70 out the door.

Some fun; Thursday afternoon was our work Christmas social, which we held in a town near where I work. Awesome food, especially their signature beef sliders on Brioche buns with Truffle oil mayonnaise. YUM!

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