Friday, December 26, 2014

At the right place, at the right time this morning

 DD officially has a full blown, sinus infection-something that she has been prone to since an infant. The decision was made last night to go to the local Doctor's Express, in the city just North of here. We had them fax over the RX to a CVS located in a town that we would commute through, on the way back home. Both the doctor's visit as well as the pharmacy charges are covered in full by insurance, since we quickly met our $4000 deductible a few months ago. Meanwhile, since we needed a few things, we stopped in at Price Rite, which is located just across the street. Our timing was perfect! I got numerous meat marked downs for the freezer, not including this 10 count pkg of beef burgers (6 of which I am broiling for lunch today), with 4 going into the freezer.
 A 4 count pkg of large, cubed steaks
 4, 1 lb pkgs of hot Italian sausage meat. I divided this into 1/4 lb pkgs-just enough to season a sauce,or to top a pizza.
 3, 2 count pkgs of bone in, Center cut chops became one package of 6 chops-which is a meal for all here.
 2 pakages of beef stew meat @ $4.22/lb-a bit more than my usual maximum of $4, but with the way beef prices have been, this is a real bargain and will be a real treat come February. Normally $6.49/lb-is simply unheard of!
With the exception of the 1, 4 count pkg of burgers, here are my meal packages awaiting placement in the freezer. I hadn't planned on buying any meat today, but I would have been a fool not to take advantage of these marked downs. Awesome!

I also bought the following (some I stopped intentionally at this store for, some were stock up items):  4 boxes tissues, a 3 pack of Puffs with lotion tissues, 2 boxes each of ziti and thin spaghetti, 4 bottles of assorted juices, a 1/2 gallon of 1/2 & 1/2, 2 lbs bacon, 1 pkg wheat sandwich rolls, a 3 pack of Romaine hearts, a large tub baby salad greens, a canister of Pecorino Romano cheese, a box of whole fruit fzn bars, a pkg of pita bread, a quart of buttermilk. $83.27 out the door. I knew that this would put me over budget for Dec, but no worries, it will go against January's grocery allotment.


mikemax said...

What a deal! I'm jealous!

Lena said...

Nice deals! And I hope your daughter feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Awesome finds!

Jean said...

Great deals! I am prone to sinus infections also, but found out that cutting dairy out of my diet really helped. Hope your daughter feels better soon.

Belinda said...

Terrific buys!! Glad you were in the right place at the right time. :)

Marcia in rural WNY said...

You did hit the jackpot on prices!
Sympathy to your DD--my DD had a terrible problem with sinus infections--13 courses of antibiotics in a one year period. They did two surgeries--the last was a full deviated septum surgery and about 5 other minor things at the same time--that finally seems to have "cured" the problem. It's been 10 years and she's only had 2 infections in that time. The doctors decided she probably had some deep infection that never was eradicated and just kept recurring. So glad that time is behind us---my boss was taken back when I took a sick day when DD was about 24---she was so unsteady on her feet I was afraid she couldn't safely get from her bedroom to the bathroom without help.