Sunday, December 7, 2014

And another weekend is over

Seems like I am perpetually looking ahead to the weekend, and poof! it's over. This was a very productive weekend for me, so all is well.  I previously mentioned that Saturday had me at the hair dressers, taking the recycling/trash over to the transfer station, then grocery shopping.

Today, Sunday, we had our usual, "nice" Sunday supper, this week turning to an eye of the round roast

After supper, naturally, I made some beef stock out of the roaster pan drippings and I also took the time to make a simple tortellini soup for the upcoming work week. I have a few lunch's worth, after DS had a "snack" out of a large bowl of soup.

This weekend found me catching up on the laundry, washing sheets, light cleaning but more importantly, getting some "to do" items off of my list, including finally getting some mending done. Since I was sewing, I kept the momentum going and cut down 5 of the white, thermal insulating panels that were used in DD's porch-bedroom for added insulation over the floor to ceiling windows. Initially, I planned on using some panels over the kitchen bow window, but the tension rod was not hearing of it. So, plan B:

 place them in my bedroom, as an extra layer and additional privacy-something that I had been meaning to address. I moved the lace panels onto tension rods, then placed the newly shortened, insulating panels on the second curtain rod bar (double rods), just under the print valences.  I used the clip on rings that I had for the former rental, so as to be able to slide open/closed these panels, easily.

Meanwhile, my circa 1975 white curtains that DD was using in her room, are now covering the aforementioned, kitchen window until I can figure something better out. This afternoon also found me and DD placing some of our homemade draft dodgers in the windows. Yes, these are brand new, energy efficient replacement windows but we can feel the window blowing in, and it howls (the noise can be quite loud). Anything to keep snug and warm is welcomed.

Most of my limited holiday shopping is done, I have specific small items to still get (stocking stuffers, gift cards) but I have planned out when I will grab these, depending upon my errands this upcoming week.

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mikemax said...

I have been meaning to comment on your windows. New, energy-efficient windows are better than old single-panes BUT they are still just glass covering a hole in the wall. With mine, I have found that they howl only when the latch doesn't engage correctly. Play with your latches to make sure they are working right. Also, if they really do howl, you should inform your LL. Since the windows are new, she might be able to get the glass company to come out and adjust them. They really shouldn't howl!