Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Affording replacement household goods


When I discover a need, unless it's pressing such as a new tire, I try my best to obtain the item on the second hand market. My current Washington Forge "mardi gras" pattern flatware set is 30 years old, and is literally falling apart.It was combined with an identical set from Mom, including as well, a set of red handled, and another in brown. Having multiple colors didn't bother me. Of issue is that  several handles have come completely off the metal shaft of the flatware. While still serviceable, although odd looking, with my OT issues, I really do need a wider shaft handle on my flatware. I have been unable to find anything comparable to what I already have, at the thrifts. I've been looking for months. With 2 more having joined the family in August, our household went up to 6, and we are typically running out of flatware come supper time, depending upon what was eaten over the course of the day.

Today's mail brought these to my door: 2 sets of Cuisinart black handled flatware. I can't believe the cost of everyday flatware! Granted, it's been 30 years since I had to shop for any! I did combine several discounts: an extra 20% off, Kohl's cash, free shipping, etc. to make this replacement more affordable, so hopefully this will last me the next 30 years as well. I chose the black handled ones as they will match with any table setting.

I have a line item in my monthly budget for household goods. Although I did acquire some things since moving to this new rental (lamps, a couch/love seat set, 2 end tables, a rug for DD, a bathmat for the hall bath, one bath towel, 1 hanging Fall themed kitchen towel, thermal drapes (2 sets split between DD and the twin's rooms), I have kept the actual out of pocket costs as low as possible and kept our future needs in mind. These type of purchases can be viewed as household investments. I pick neutral colors and designs that are classic and will blend with what we currently have, which we will be reusing in our next housing situation-whether it be another rental or my nexxt forever home.

How do you address replacement of house hold goods? Do you budget for them? Seek alternative sources?

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Baroness Prudent Spending said...

2015 will be the first year that I budget for them. Before I owned an apartment, I tended to buy when I moved and then replace as needed. After having so many home expenses in 2014 (things I should have bought when I first moved in), I decided it is best to budget something in each month. I'm targeting about $20 (not a lot but I'm just one person so I shouldn't be spending a lot). ~ Pru