Sunday, December 28, 2014

A quiet Sunday and looking for a recipe

Slept in a bit, waking up first at 5:45 but rolled over, finally getting up just after 7 a.m.-a sleep in is all relative as I am up by 5 a.m. on workdays. I started dinner prep early, tonight's fare is a ground beef-ground turkey meatloaf that I am "Crock Pot baking" in lieu of using the oven.

Sides will be mashed potatoes, frozen organic CSA corn.
 I needed to bake some sweets for this week, I never did get to making the rum cake for Christmas, so I started my baking with that
 followed by a pan of magic cookie bars. I cleaned out the snack cupboard, that the kids had left a mess, culled like items together, found a box of granola bars (now emptied into the basket on the sideboard), etc. I also unearthed some older, broken grahams which inspired me to make the aforementioned cookie bars.

Closing out 2014 and entering 2015, finds me ever more fixed upon saving what I can for our next forever home. I need to use what is on hand, limit what needs to be purchased. Although I did use 2 cups of homemade bread crumbs that I made this morning out of the heels of my bread that I dried out, I am left with over 1 quart jars' worth. I also have a good supply of graham cracker crumbs. Does anyone have a recipe that uses graham cracker crumbs in a cookie besides the Magic Cookie bars, for whihc I used my last can of sweetened condensed milk.



This afternoon found me "swiffering" the bathrooms, as well as my bedroom, using an orange scented, generic brand swiffer cloth. I am trying to use these up out of my stockpile. I have many microfiber cloths that work just as well, and can be washed and reused. I also sponge mopped the kitchen tiled floor, as I noticed several spots where someone let something drip.

In preparation for the twin's return home from visitation with Dad, I made their beds, switching over from a quilt (now at the end of the beds) to the vintage Bates bedspreads that my brother's used to use. Since they both received new fleece lap blankets for Christmas, I am washing their older ones and will store those in a bag in my car, for emergencies.  A fruitfull day so far.


The domestic Groove said...

I found this

and 248 other recipes by going to

and entering with graham cracker crumbs but without condensed milk.

kelley said...

not cookies but I use Graham cracker crumbs in my Apple crisp topping along with the oatmeal...delicious