Thursday, December 25, 2014

A modest Christmas, yet PLENTY under the tree!


Although not our actual tree, with the gifts underneath, it certainly does look like it! We were all on a budget this year, finances being what they are, yet I believe that everyone had a nice Christmas, and is content with what they received. I got some very lovely gifts this year:

 A lavendar bath set: shower gel and 2 types of lotion
 A lavendar candle from Yankee Candle
 An Eiffel Tour photo holder that I am planning on using to hold "to now" lists on my desk at work
 A large bar of Lavender-vanilla soap, some products from Lush

 A Christmas themed basket and a large bag of lavedar pot pourri
 A homemade, chunky infinity scarf and head wrap/ear warmer from DD
2 boxes of nice tea

I am easy to please! : )

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Theresa F said...

Lovely gifts. Merry Christmas!