Sunday, December 21, 2014

A busy day in my kitchen

Breakfast this morning was just me and one DS; I made fried eggs and buttered toast, OJ/cocoa/coffee. Simple. Lunch was a choice of leftovers,

I had a baked chicken thigh and some baked beans. It worked.

The bulk of the afternoon had me baking:

 2 ABM's going (one still makes a horrible noise, yet keeps working. Once it dies, I do have a back up on hand, and I intend to recycle the busted one, once it goes)
 A 2 lb loaf of sandwich white, and a 2 lb loaf of seeded rye.
 I buy bananas and either they are gone in 24 hours or they sit. You can guess what happened this past week, as we now have a batch of banana-mini chocolate chip muffins for bfst/snacks

Still more banana puree was used, this time for my banana sheet cake with cream cheese frosting(using up the honey-walnut cream cheese and some real Philly cream cheese (I tend to buy Aldi's neufchatel)that I got at work. It was time to go! I topped the cake with some gifted to me pecans. This cake and the aforementioned muffins helped me to use up some lurking low fat buttermilk. Nice.

Some older apples need to be used up, so I made a batch of my apple squares, using an old, Pillsbury bake off recipe that I first discovered as a teen.

Tomororow is our workplace holiday luncheon. As a compromise, we agreed to have a pot luck lunch together, signing up for items to bring in. My contribution will be an onion-multi colored peppers-tomato-Swiss quiche that I made, following Froogs technique, using Deli end cheese that I hand shredded and froze, Dollar Tree medium sized eggs.

 I started with sauteeing the organic peppers from my CSA that I had frozen this Summer, along with a purchased onion, in some bacon fat for additional flavor (as well as to spare my oil)
 Meanwhile, I unrolled a purchased pie crust (sale plus cpn)
 Made a quick batter of 4 eggs, 1/4 cup milk, salt, pepper and some Italian blend herbs
I sliced a tomato and measured out a cup of Swiss (I could have gotten away with less, but this is a holiday offering-an occassion to measure with a more generous hand.

All baked, and now refrigerated for me to take to work tomorrow. It came out really nice and I think it's pretty, too. : )

Another cake I made: having gathered all of the soap slivers, I made a "new" soap cake for my bathroom sink. Soap is far from cheap, especially when one takes into consideration that several here use products from Lush as well as enjoying some European soaps. This is one small step for getting our money's worth and not wasting in the process. This week's version is actually a mint green with multi colored flecks in it, along with some herbs from the Lush soap.
 Tonight's Sunday supper: I pulled out a 6 count package of bone in, center cut, pork chops. Originally $5/lb (THUD!) I know that I paid far less. These were on sale and there was a loss leader with a coupon, limit to one. Lately I have been able to grab some deals on pork, helping me to add variety to our menus/diets.
 More pantry ingredients, all bought on sale with coupons during Fall promotions. The Bell's stuffing will be used to make my Pork chop bake recipe with diced apples and some Craisins added in along with onion, celery and homemade chicken stock. The beets are drained and will be warmed in the microwave, to conserve electricity. THe jar of sauce-not sure how that entered the home, as I tend to make my own and home can it.
A package of Belgian baby Brussels sprouts will accompany the meal, these were a clearance promotion at Aldi's. 3  of us here really like them.

My pork chop bake right out of the oven.

What's on your table tonight?


saraband said...

How do you turn soap slivers into a "cake"?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

CTMOM said...


Here's a link to a previous blog post on how I make "soap cakes":

DW said...

Tonight. Turkey n stuffing soup -- used up some of the broth and leftover turkey in the freezer. Tomorrow, a pasta sauce using yellow squash and bell peppers I found on markdown.
(Your baking looks wonderful, BTW!)

Catherine said...

The quiche looks too pretty to eat!